Summer holidays 2013

Since Kelly and Harold surprised me in Whistler, we decided to spend the week in British Columbia instead of going to Jasper.

Kelly wanted to explore the Whistler area more and I loved the town, so we stayed for a couple extra days.

We camped in Pemberton for two nights in a beautiful little place called Nairn Falls.


We hung out in Whistler walking the trails and shopping. Kelly went downhill biking one day and mountain biking another while I chilled out, read and relaxed.

We woke up on Wednesday to pouring rain so packed up and headed to the sunny Okanagan.


We camped for one night before moving on to Kelly’s parent’s place where we stayed for the remainder of our holidays.

It was sunny and hot, which are the perfect combination for a great summer holiday!

Kelly talked me into downhill biking one day at Silverstar, a ski resort near Vernon.I’ve gone before but with my mountain bike. This time we rented downhill bikes and all the protective gear came with it; I felt pretty hardcore!


I was terrified most of the time but had a blast down the hills and around the corners. We even saw two bears, one really close up.

We took our kayak out after a few years of it hanging in our garage!


It was a perfect day and we had so much fun jumping into the lake and kayaking around.


Kelly went biking a few more times while I just took Harold on nice walks through the trails.



It was Kelly’s mom’s 60th birthday while we were there, so we had a couple of fun birthday suppers.

I’m so happy we stayed in BC, celebrated Kelly’s mom with his family, and got to enjoy the activities the beautiful province offers.

Where is your favourite place to spend summer holidays?
We haven’t spent much time in Vernon in the past couple years, and I forgot how much I love it!


35 responses to “Summer holidays 2013

  1. Looks like a fabulous summer vacation. Love that beautiful water at Nairn Falls and out on the kayaks! And love Harold’s little life vest. Does he like going out on the kayak? And, yes, you look hardcore rock star in your downhill gear. AWESOME!

  2. Sounds like a great vacation – I’m glad that even with the biking and canoeing, you took plenty of time to chill and rest – you needed it after all of your training and racing!!!
    My favorite place to vacation is a warm beach!!!

  3. Outside is the BEST place to be on nice summer holidays!! These adventures look perfect!! Take me with you next time pleaseeee, I’ll watch Harold for you so that you and Kelly can go out on the town!

  4. Looks beautiful and sounds perfect! You totally deserve a relaxing holiday after completing 2 ironmans – time to think about what the next challenge is!

  5. Looks and sounds perfect! Except for the bears…that part sounds terrifying!

  6. I love camping road trips without any proper schedules, looks ideal. Our favourite vacation spot seems to be the western isles of Scotland: we seem to do a camping-surfing trip to one each summer.

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! We have a family beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s peaceful there and we enjoy just doing nothing but running, reading, and chilling while we’re there!

  8. Sounds like the perfect vacation. Love that you guys stayed in BC – why not right?! Pictures are gorgeous, I will have to check out Nairn Falls next time I am in the Whistler area! You look so hardcore in all your biking gear – I’ve heard its super hard so props to you for doing it!!

  9. I think the picture of Harold on the kayak with his little doggy life vest on is the cutest picture I’ve ever seen. It sounds like you had exactly the restful, relaxing days you deserve after the IM!

  10. Looks like so much fun!!! I am glad you got some good relaxing in before heading home!!! 🙂
    We have such nice summers here I really try and stay local in the summer and high tail it out of here in the winter!!

  11. Harold is so stinkin cute! What a beautiful weekend. I wish we could get out like that more but the mountains are 2 hours away and with a 1 year old, travel more than 15 minutes gets tricky!

  12. That looks like an amazing holiday! I love the picture of Harold in his life vest. So glad that you guys got to enjoy some time together and spend QT exploring the outdoors. That is a great way to end your summer!

  13. Looks like you had a great vacation! Harold is seriously too cute! Love the life jacket! We have one for our pup too that he wears when we are at the cottage.. he is so darn cute in it.

  14. What a fantastic holiday! I’m so glad we stayed four extra days in Whistler post IM, but I wish we would have discovered Nairn Falls… it’s stunning! Definitely will be doing that the next time we’re there to race (not next year, but perhaps the next!) 🙂 My bf wanted to rent downhill bikes SO bad… I would have been terrified!

    • Your post-IM vacation looked amazing, especially with the weather in Seattle.
      Kelly went downhill biking in Whistler. It looked terrifying to me, too! Where we went I only went on easy runs!

  15. i’m coming to visit you next summer, k? Gorgeous and love the family time!

  16. Why a great way to recover from TWO ironmans! I looks so beautiful. I am looking forward to a little RnR after a long season as well =)

  17. That looks like a great, relaxing vacation! Kayaking looks like so much fun. Glad Harold joined you! My go-to-vacation spot is St. George Island. We go at least once a year.

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