Change the Pace – Toughen up Tuesdays

While I’ve never watched the Biggest Loser, had a personal trainer, or even really done many group fitness classes, I’ve always thought it would be fun to work people hard or to be worked to the point of sheer exhaustion.

Sometimes when Kelly is training in the basement I (somewhat jokingly) get in his face and yell at him to push harder, do one more set, etc.

Now I’m working both his and my booty.

For the last few weeks we’ve changed our routine up on Tuesdays to a bootcamp style workout, which we call Toughen up Tuesdays. I make up the workouts and they incorporate a lot of high intensity exercises that our bodies aren’t used to after lots of endurance and little to no speed work. It also includes lots of strength to help our weaker glutes and hips.

They have ranged in length from 15 minutes to 25 minutes and let me tell you, both Kelly and I are toast at the end! It’s a good thing we’re competitive against each other otherwise I’m sure one of us would have quit partway through. It’s also fun to yell “toughen up” if one is really suffering!

After the first two Tuesdays I couldn’t climb stairs or sit down without wincing for a couple days. Last time I was only sore for one day so I took that as progress.

I love the challenge of both completing the workout and creating something fun for us to struggle through together.

We hope to do this once a week until we start training for something and then reevaluate how to add higher intensity into our training. For now we’re doing it outside, but pretty soon we’ll have to move it indoors where we can add in more elements.

How often do you do high intensity training or mix it up from your normal routine?

What’s the toughest exercise for you?

I loathe burpees, but nothing makes me sorer than side lunges!

39 responses to “Change the Pace – Toughen up Tuesdays

  1. Love this! My husband and I will do high intensity workouts together some times and they never fail to kick my butt til next Tuesday!! It’s amazing how effective a short, intense workout can be. Plus, the view isn’t bad either!!

  2. That’s awesome, I need to work on strength during my off season as well. Can’t wait to hear what your next adventure will be.

  3. What a great idea, especially in the off season! So nice that the two of you can work together like that, too. Enjoy! ; )

  4. Can I come over for a workout?! I am so bad with changing up my routine but I really do love circuit/higher intensity training sessions. I have been going to yoga more often so I will take that for now. Have fun with your workouts!! and keep yelling… it makes it all the more fun 😀

  5. Swimming is by far the hardest exercise for me! when I am marathon training I am not great about adding in high intensity workouts. I tend to do that more over the winter when I am stuck indoors. I love the fact that you guys tackle this together!

  6. I loveee The Biggest Loser, it’s the only show these days that I watch religiously haha! I struggle with some of the workouts on Insanity…the super fast paced ones! I wanna workout with you guys too!

  7. Ha, I love this! My husband and I like watching ‘Biggest Loser’ and often we turn normal household chores into ‘Last Chance Workouts’ which just means we have to do the chore as quickly as possible, so one of us might be hanging out the washing and then the other one shouts ‘last chance workout’ and we have to finish it as quickly as possible. I know that’s really goofy, but it’s fun and it works for us! Great blog by the way 🙂

  8. Sounds like fun! Hard but fun!!! I need to do some high intensity stuff but I don’t usually!
    I love the new pics on top of your site!!!

    • It seems so much easier to do endurance stuff, and that’s what I love way more too!
      You do some high intensity with track and swimming! Those workouts you post would get me breathing heavy and probably test my will to quit 🙂
      I thought it was about time I updated the photos since some were from a few years ago!

  9. So cool that y’all work out together – I was hoping you were going to share your workouts – I’m always looking for new ones!!!

  10. Wow, that is so cool! I love that you workout together and love it even more than you are able to push each other!

  11. I smell personal trainer in your future!

  12. This sounds so fun, and what a great thing to do together. And what a great way to sneak in that speed work, and you’re competing so maybe you don’t even notice it (can you tell I hate speed work ;)).


    That workout sounds intense! I love BL and can’t wait for it to start next week. There are always great stories of survival that motivate me.
    I like that you do this together and that you create the workouts on your own. I’m thinking this might be something for me to do after the marathon. Even if it’s just doing the Shred with Jillian again. I felt so powerful when I was doing the strength/cardio/plyo workouts!

  14. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    Can you post the workout?? I would love to see what you guys are doing! I’m training for my first full marathon, but as soon as I’m finished (at the end of the month) my bf and I are going to start working out together, hopefully doing strength training and HIIT.

  15. What a fantastic idea! Nick and I need to do that! We just sat down with our coach to talk IM training for next year, and strength training is on the must-do list. Squats crush my quads for days!

  16. runnerbydefault

    Biggest Loser is my favorite show. I am so excited because it starts on Tuesday!! I try to do some burpees everyday but I struggle with making myself do them. They just feel awkward!!

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  18. I love your Toughen Up Tuesdays workout idea! My husband and I did P90X2 for a few months and those were pretty tough workouts.

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