Wednesday web links – Kona crazy, listening to your body & don’t forget the sunscreen!

KONA – Ironman World Championships
In the marathon world, it’s race month. In the triathlon world, it’s KONA time! Kona is Ironman’s iconic event and world championship where the best of the best come to win.

On her way to breaking the Ironman record at Arizona in 2010.

Chrissie Wellington on her way to breaking the Ironman record at Arizona in 2010.

Not only do I incessantly check the live blog and feed on race day, but I also love the excitement leading up to the big race from Twitter and Instagram feeds to various websites.

The Triathlete Magazine website has great coverage, videos, and photos. Bike fans will drool over the pro’s top of line bike set ups, while I love seeing their muscles work overtime on the run (check out day 11).

I highly recommend tuning in online on Saturday to see incredible athletes courageously competing under intense conditions and putting it all on the line.

Before you do, check out the 101 things you need to know before the 2013 World Championships.

Who are your top picks to win?

Listen to your body
I think athletes do a very good job of knowing their body and reading its cues when something feels off. I know I’m very in tune with my body and can tell when a niggle will lead to injury, when I’m getting sick, or when something is just off.

However, just because I’m in tune with my body doesn’t mean I listen to it. I’m trying to get better at this and these links are a great reminder.

I’m a bit late in the game to one of these stories, but just because it’s a bit outdated doesn’t mean it’s not a great lesson.

Jenny Fletcher, pro triathlete and model, faced a life-threatening setback earlier this year when doctor’s found her lungs filled with blood clots. Read her account of it here and remember… listen to your body!

Another piece of evidence to listen to your body…Aussie triathlete and blogger, Lucy (Pipe Down Piper), just wrote about her experience while lying in a hospital bed in a cardiac ward.

Are you good at listening to your body?

Practice sun safety
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave (and never leave) you know the dangers of spending prolonged periods of time in the sun.

If you’re an endurance athlete, it’s unavoidable. Of course you can wear sunscreen, put on a hat, and buy UV clothing. But, it’s not always convenient and it doesn’t necessarily protect you for an extended amount of time.

Leanda Cave, last year’s 70.3 and Ironman world champ, was diagnosed with skin cancer in February. She’s taken measures to better protect herself including waking up earlier to workout before the sun comes up and using indoor facilities when possible.

How do you practice sun safety when working out in the sun?
After getting a baaaad burn at Ironman Coeur d’Alene I was a lot more careful this summer, wearing lots of SPF and even running in a UV shirt.

34 responses to “Wednesday web links – Kona crazy, listening to your body & don’t forget the sunscreen!

  1. Excited here! On the plane for Kona, for my first time competing there! Love reading your blog entries! Cheers to both of you guys!

  2. I am excited for Kona this weekend. It is so inspiring to watch, I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll be watching you there someday! I had not heard of the athletes stories you posted, very scary.

  3. I’m rooting for Faris Al Sultan! I’ve never met him, but he’s the friend of a friend-she says he’s a super nice guy. Plus, you have a support a dude who’ll race in those shorts!

  4. Wow – what a scary (and yet remarkable) story about Jenny Fletcher! I have gotten a bit better about listening to my body as I’ve gotten older – sort of out of necessity!!!

  5. Hi there! First time commenting here. I am giddy with excitement about Kona! Every year, I love tuning in to watch, even though I always have connection problems and lose the race for part of it. Those people are incredible athletes!

    • Thanks for the comment, Amy! One year I had to keep track of the pivotal points of the race from my phone. It was less than ideal! This year I don’t have any plans so hopefully my connection works!

  6. 100% agree that our bodies are very good at telling us what we need. And 100% agree that we don’t always listen! This is something that is coming easier to me the older I get. I don’t feel immortal like a teenager anymore! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kona! Can’t wait to watch you there some day!

  7. I just posted how I don’t listen to my body very well.. and just like you, I am in tune with it, I know when something isn’t right, but I have a hard time making adjustments to my daily routine in order to let my body heal itself – gotta work on this! I can’t wait to read the links and find some inspiration in them 🙂 Thanks for sharing them! I will ALWAYS remember your sun burn after Ironman Coeur d’Alene, it was a beast and I was in pain for you!

  8. Great tips! Fortunately, living in Texas I have to get up before the sun to run, unless I want to melt!

  9. I love Kona! I have been following it for probably 20 years now–used to have pro friends from here in Baltimore that I would get to cheer on, too, a few who placed in top 10. Now I’m a bit out of touch with the players, but I still love to watch it.

    I am super careful about sun protection. I totally overdid it when younger so I feel like my odds are not good. I also get the annual skin check up. On the side of listening to my body–I have a bit of room for improvement, I’ll admit. I better go read these links!

    • That is so cool you have been following Kona for that long, and that you had multiple people to cheer for!
      That’s great you get an annual skin check up. I think I should start; I wasn’t very smart about the sun for years.

  10. Thanks Abby, so pleased to see you liked the article, and I hope it helps other athletes who may be experiencing the same thing, or at least, like you say, get us to listen to our bodies a little more! I’m very glad I went to the doctors, even though I had convinced myself I was being a hypochondriac, as who knows what might have happened next time I was out training hard?! xx

  11. I haven’t been really following the pros lately! I always like Miranda. I like Linsay Corbin a lot too but I am not sure she could go for the gold! A runner is always going to win!! ALWAYS!! I don’t know about the guys!! Hopefully it will be a good race!!! Looking forward to staying off my feet Saturday and streaming the coverage in my hotel room.

  12. Thank you for reminding me about KONA this weekend. I wonder if I have the channel I’ll need to be able to watch it!
    Sunscreen is so important. Debbie over at Deb Runs promotes it, bigtime!!

  13. Can’t wait to watch!! And yes, I needed the reminder too!

  14. SO excited for Kona tomorrow! Some serious FOMO and cannot wait to race there someday 🙂 GREAT reminders, too… I’m pretty in tune with my body, but I don’t always listen. And, sunscreen! Always!

  15. Amazing story about Jenny Fletcher. Definitely eye opening!

  16. Those videos are so cool! I watched a few of them. I would love to be at Kona (to WATCH) some day. The environment has to be so exciting.

  17. As a melanoma survivor, I am very careful in the sun! I caught my very early so I was extremely lucky, but that scar on my leg reminds me to use protection. I run early when I can and slather on the sunscreen.

    • Wow- I didn’t know you are a melanoma survivor. That would have been a pretty scary experience.

      • Debbie @ Deb Runs

        Thanks to many previous basal cells, I am very aware of anything on my skin. I caught this so early that surgery was all I needed to get clean margins. It was an eye opener, for sure!

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