Thankful – Thanksgiving 2013

Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend. Of course it’s nice to have a long weekend from work, but it’s also nice to stop and appreciate all you have to be thankful for.

Plaid nerds

Plaid nerds

I was lucky enough to have four days off (very thankful for that!) and spent the first two taking care of our little man.


He had his teeth cleaned and a lump removed so is sentenced to the cone and some pain medication. I quite enjoyed having an excuse to laze around, sit on the couch, and watch lots of movies!

On Saturday I spent hours watching the Ironman World Championships. I am in awe of all the athletes and their incredible feats, especially Mirinda Carfrae’s run, which was the third fastest of the day—out of men and women.

Kelly and I went for an amazing trail run on Sunday.


We ran trails that were new to us, crunched on fallen leaves, and enjoyed the peaceful morning.


From there I ate my weight in cabbage rolls at my grandma’s house!

I looked back at my Thanksgiving post from last year and I can basically say I am thankful for all the same things: my husband and Harold, an incredibly supportive family (both mine and Kelly’s), health, and travel.

This year I’m also going to add in warmth. I am so thankful to be able to flip a switch to turn on our fireplace or turn up our furnace. Being perpetually cold, I realize this is a gift many people in this world aren’t given.

Happy Thanksgiving! How did you/do you celebrate, and what are you thankful for?

39 responses to “Thankful – Thanksgiving 2013

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Herald needs some plaid! I didn’t do much, but I’m pretty thankful to be in Africa, despite missing the holiday weekend!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful trails, and I hope your pup recovers quickly!

    Isn’t Rinny amazing?! I am in awe.

    Have a great week!

  3. I am thankful for my health, family and friends. Hubby and I were addicted to watching Kona, so inspiring!

  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope Harold heals up really fast… poor guy. Your run looks absolutely beautiful – all those fall colours are gorgeous. Loving the plaid on you guys too 🙂

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! I’m thankful that my brother and his wife and their 2 cuties are coming up to spend Thanksgiving with us this year – always fun when they are here!!!
    Are cabbage rolls part of the Canadian Thanksgiving tradition?

    • That’ll be a fun way to spend thanksgiving!
      My family is Ukrainian, so my grandma usually makes all the Ukrainian goodies like cabbage rolls, perogies, etc. I love all the carbs!

  6. I am with Kim on this one: what are Canadian Thanksgiving foods? Cabbage rolls sound great. Way to go on getting out there for a trail run on crunchy leaves. Sounds great-we have too much snow on trails here to really have that crunch.

    • That’s too bad there’s already so much snow on your trails! I know we’ve had snow in Jasper and Banff, but I’m not sure if it stuck on all the trails yet!
      I’m not sure about traditional Canadian Thanksgiving foods, but both my family and Kelly’s are Ukrainian. So it’s the typical fare: perogies, cabbage rolls, nalysnyky, etc! And then usually turkey and meatballs, too, along with all the veggies. It’s a lot of dough!

  7. GAH you are Kelly are so cute, and he is such a babe…can I say that?? HA! What a fabulous way to spend Thanksgiving! I LOVE starting holidays off with a solid run, it makes me feel better when I stuff my face at dinner!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had a wonderful long weekend! Glad you could get out for a trail run, and I love the plaid nerd look!

  9. Happy thanksgiving! I can’t wait till thanksgiving comes in this part of the world! Yum!

  10. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Down here there a quite a few Thanksgiving day races to choose from to kick off the holiday right!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂 Looks like you guys had a great time. This makes me exciting for our Thanksgiving in a month or so! Yay for fall!

  12. oh the plaid, i love it! looks like a great thanksgiving!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving! I was so inspired to work hard on my running just because I saw Mirinda Carfrae on Saturday. Even stayed up until 3am to watch the IM. That is certainly not my usual bedtime 🙂

  14. Happy Thanksgiving! I love the plaid nerds shirt pic….super cute!! Harold definitely needs a little plaid!
    Mirinda—is so amazing!! I was so excited for her! I thought a lot about that 2:50 while I was struggling during my race yesterday!! I took a bath this morning and I was reading an old issue of Triathlete(the Kona issue) and It was fun reading their predictions…now knowing who won!! 🙂
    I am thankful for my family, friends, and health.

    • I actually can’t believe he doesn’t have a plaid yet; I’ll have to keep my eye out 🙂
      I can’t wait to hear about your race! I’m sure it helped to channel their strength while racing! Did you see a photo of Luke McKenzie’s feet? Pretty bad!
      Hope you’re not too sore!

  15. The fall trail run crunching on leaves looks divine! 😀

  16. Aww, poor Harold! We watched some of the Ironman online, too. Fun! The trail run looks stunning. Your leaves are definitely turned more than ours. This is the most awesome time of year for running I think!

  17. runnerbydefault

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. Enjoy the outdoors while you can before the snow starts flying up there! I am sure Harold is thankful to have you guys to take care of him. Enjoy your break!

  18. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you! When Cabbage Rolls are made the right way they are SO good. Sounds like your grandmother has a great recipe! Poor baby! A lump removed and a teeth cleaning! That’s a tough one! I’m glad it gave you time to snuggle, though!

  19. Awesome post and happy thanksgiving! I love taking the time to thank the amazing people in my life and appreciating the good things, like our furry friends! That run looks so cool! We’ve got the feeling of fall here in Chicago too!

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