Friday faves – version three

This week went by super fast since it was only four days! But I must admit I am more than ready for the weekend!

Here are a few things making me smile lately.

Fat lump – Harold’s biopsy results came back and it was just a fat lump! I’m so happy he’s a healthy pup! (However, none of us are happy about the cone for another week until his incision is healed!) They also told us it will likely grow back and with age he’ll probably get more. Good to know before I panic about other lumps.


Fall weather – We have had a fabulous fall so far: crisp days, sunny blue skies, and beautiful leaves. By this time last year we had snow that stuck around until spring! I’m celebrating each nice fall day with a run on Edmonton’s incredible trails, a long walk with the pup, or just a quick breath of fresh air at lunch time.

Taken on Wednesday's trial run

Taken on Wednesday’s trial run

Ski season – I just said I’m happy about fall and the lack of snow so far, but…I’m also really looking forward to ski season (both cross-country and downhill)! We didn’t downhill ski once last year so are going to make an effort to get out at least a couple times this season. I also can’t wait to cross-country ski again as part of my training!


National Geographic’s adventure blogBeyond the Edge is an awesome read. I especially love the cycling Alaska’s Lost Coast series but have been awestruck by almost every post from big wave surfing to skiing and exploration.

Toughen Up Tuesdays – I worked us hard this past Tuesday. Both Kelly’s and my legs were shaking by our last set of exercises. I’m still loving the change of pace from our regular workout routines!

What are some things you’re loving lately?

Who is racing this weekend? Good luck!


39 responses to “Friday faves – version three

  1. Oh the dreaded cone of shame. Poor Harold; there is really nothing worse than having to put your pup through that. But it is all for the best. GIve the lil guy a treat for me, ok? We got more snow here in Colorado this morning-I have a feeling it is going to be a great ski season! Good thing my race is south of here this weekend, though.

  2. I’m so happy that Harold is healthy!!!
    I’m loving the fall leaves around here (finally!!!) and soup in the crock pot!!!

  3. Yay for healthy Harold!! No greater news 🙂 I have to agree with the gorgeous fall weather – it’s been so incredibly nice here! I feel like the weather gods are tricking us for a snowy winter on your end and a really rainy one on mine! – Oh well, that just means good skiing – right?! I didn’t get out much last year either but this year I am also hoping to hit the slopes more often. Salomon just released their first episode of season 7 of Freeski TV and it has me itching to go!

  4. I’m happy for a healthy Harold! Poor guy in his cone of shame.

    We’ve had a pretty warm fall so far–I’m ready for a bit of change and more runs in long sleeves, actually. Ski season–not ready!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I want to run on that trail!
    Right now I’m loving that we’ve finally had a couple days of cooler weather! Also, all the sports are getting back into their seasons – European football, basketball, American football, hockey, etc!

  6. LOVE that trail pic! I have a similar one from a run I did earlier this week. I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. Will have to check out Beyond the Edge. Sounds right up my alley! Our dog will be 10 next month, and he is getting a ton of old man lumps. The vet told us it’s very common. Thankfully they don’t see to bother him or interrupt his epic naps!

    • Wow- 10 is getting up there! I’m glad the lumps aren’t interrupting him either.
      You will definitely love the blog. They don’t post too often either, so when they do it’s such a treat to read.
      Hope your training run went well this weekend. I’m assuming you’ll be tapering down soon?

  7. Wow – I have never heard of a fat lump and is it shameful that I laughed out loud a little bit? So funny that exists! But super happy that Harold is doing okay! And Happy Friday!

  8. I enjoy reading your blog because it takes me back to the days I lived in Edmonton at 99 St and Saskatchewan Dr. I love downhill skiing too, enjoy your ski trips this winter!

    p.s. I’m loving my new 2XU compression tights 🙂

    • That would have been the perfect location to enjoy the river valley and all the trails!
      I don’t have a pair of compression tights but have thought about them before. I’ll have to check out the 2XU ones.

  9. I am recovering this weekend and love it! Can’t wait for Sunday’s massage/facial package. Congrats to Harold on his fat lump! Good news all around!

  10. Awww, poor Harold… I’m so glad it’s nothing serious. You must have been so nervous until you got the results back.

    I’m loving beautiful east coast days, family time, and college football!

  11. So glad to hear Harold is ok! My cat has a lump and I was thankful he just had a fat buildup too. FALL FALL FALL!

  12. So glad to hear that Harold is healthy (although he looks so sad in that cone)! I am loving Hulu, zumba, and sleeping in!

  13. Yay for Harold’s good test results!! Also good to know that in the future more may arise. I freak out when anything lumpy is on my dogs, too. The NatGeo blog is awesome. Did you see the mt. climber with no safety harness hanging from the edge? Crickey that freaks me out!

  14. So happy it’s just a fat lump! I’ve got 2 Bichons who are 13 and one of them has a fat lump as well. Scary stuff though. Our fall here in Chicago has taken an abrupt turn toward the cold and harsh. Here we go.


    I love this happy post. 🙂
    I, too, am loving the Fall.
    It makes me so happy to hear that your Harold’s issues are benign. Phew! I know I worry about Phoebe’s this-and-thats much more now that she’s so old. 😦
    The cone isn’t fun… but each time you look at it you can think about the relief it brings b/c you know he’s ok!
    Easier said than done, right?

  16. I’m doing Nike Women’s 1/2 marathon tomorrow!! I know it’s crazy talk! I’m doing it for the necklace! 🙂
    I’m glad Harold is alright!! Great pic of him in the cone!!

  17. Hooray Harold is healthy! The leaves are at their peak here right now, but snow is in the forecast… and, as much as I’m looking forward to skate skiing, I’m not ready to give up warmer weather! Thanks for the National Geographic blog link… added to my list of must-reads 🙂

    • I thought you’d also really like the Alaska cycling series!
      I can’t believe snow is in the forecast 😦
      Do you like skate skiing? I have classic cross-country skis right now but am thinking of getting skate skis, too.

  18. yay for all of these things- healthy pups, fall, and ski weather soon! xo

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