Better late than never

I’ve been two steps behind on everything for the past few months. It’s an odd thing, but the busier I am the more organized I am and the more work I accomplish.

Take this past summer. Kelly was bike racing and training with a club, meaning he was gone from home some workdays for 16 hours. I’d walk Harry twice a day, work a full day, make supper and lunches, and get in my own training. On weekends I’d stick to my house cleaning schedule and always had healthy, home-baked muffins and fuel for us.

Fast forward to fall and winter: I bake muffins every few weeks if we’re lucky, Harry rarely walks (his choosing when it’s cold!), and my house cleaning is no longer on a perfected schedule. Is anyone else way more productive when they’re busy?

Well, this weekend I took a step in the right direction. We had a Christmas party on Saturday night and I finally got in the holiday spirit!

Post-party family photo

Post-party family photo

So when Sunday morning rolled around I took advantage. I set up our Christmas tree, hung our stockings, and made our house festive!


This is the first time ever I’ve decorated the tree. I usually coerce my mom or sister into doing it for us!


I love our travel tree. We put a few new ornaments on it this year: China, Coeur d’Alene, Whistler, and New Orleans.


And to top it off, I baked muffins so we have a hint of cinnamon aroma wafting throughout the house.

When did you decorate? Are you better with a schedule when you’re busy?

48 responses to “Better late than never

  1. I am the same way – the busier I am, the more I accomplish! It’s definitely because I can’t procrastinate when I’m super busy, because otherwise it just never gets done. By the way, that’s a great post-party photo of you guys! Love Harold’s bow tie!

  2. Yes, the busier I am, the more I get done! I always put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, so our house has been complete for a while. I’m just behind on everything else!

    You guys look great!

  3. Runner Girl Eats

    Absolutely! Busy=productive. Free time=movie marathon and take out food. I love your tilted hat centerpiece, its adorable!

  4. Staying busy must be the secret to success for Type A’s. I’m the same way. The more I have to do, the more I can crank up the productivity. Love the idea of a travel tree, especially if it’s a palm tree highlighting trips to the beach.

  5. I definitely am more productive and motivated to stay on track (with all aspects of life) when I have a busy schedule and more items on my “checklist” that need to be crossed off. I’m definitely looking forward to having 2 weeks off for winter break so that I can deep clean the house, bake some muffins, make some protein bars and protein balls and reorganize before bringing in 2014.

  6. I think that most people are more productive when they’re busy…but I’m not usually happy like this. I find that a good medium is best for me. If I’m semi-busy, I’m still productive enough, without feeling overwhelmed. If I’m really busy, I get overwhelmed.

  7. Awww! So cute, love your picture – you guys look so festive! And that travel tree is an awesome idea! I may have to steal that one… And about the whole productivity thing, I find when I’m busy I have to be very purposeful about my time so I always seem to get more done, so I TOTALLY can relate to that statement!

  8. We also collect ornaments on our travels!
    Looks like y’all are ready for the season!

  9. I LOVE holiday baking. Not only for the treats but for the way it makes my house smell. 🙂 You guys look so great in your pic and I love your tree! I was one of those people that put everything up before Thanksgiving this year because Thanksgiving was so late. I was worried I would totally run out of time if I didn’t!

  10. I love the travel tree idea! Glenn and I get the boys an ornament every year and label it with their name and the year they got it. They love (still) hanging their ornaments. This year I’m sure Julio will wreak havoc on that tree.
    What a cute picture of you, Kelly and Harry 😉

    • That’s such a great idea for the boys; it makes it special for them! Ha ha- can’t wait to read about Julio’s hi-jinx!
      My mom used to paint ceramic mice for their tree. Each year she’d paint a new one for my sister and me that reflected something about us. I still love going there and looking at all of them 🙂

  11. YES! I am the SAME exact way!! When I have a lot of things to get done, I am SOOOO much more accomplished in my days. Which is why I LOVE being busy! You all look so great in your holiday photo!

  12. Your trees looks awesome – love the travel tree!!!
    And, y’all look amazing all dressed up!
    Yes, totally more productive when I’m busy – I have to make lists and schedules and stick to them!!!

  13. Too cute!

    I usually decorate over Thanksgiving, as I want to “get my monies worth”. =) I want it up as long as possible for all the effort, however, I’ll be very honest…..this year I did about HALF what I usually do. Bummer, but we were just so busy, and the time crunch between Thanksgiving and Christmas put us in a tighter crunch! Next year, I am getting everything out of the attic the weekend before Turkey Day, and having it all ready to go!

  14. I am 1,000% more efficient when I am busy than when I am not. Something about being forced to use your time wisely, I guess? Your trees look great, btw!

  15. Great family pic!
    I don’t usually decorate because I go home for Christmas. Those are the biggest ornaments I have ever seen!! No wonder you have to put the tree on a ledge!! I love that you have a travel tree and a regular one!! so fun!!
    I don’t know when I am more efficient– that is a good question! I have to think about it!! 🙂

  16. I love how you have a travel tree– such a cute idea, I think Scott and I will start one too!

  17. ari @ whatarisaid

    A travel tree? What a clever idea, I want one! And yay for decorating and getting in the spirit!

  18. I hear you! When I am busy, I am more likely to make a plan and generally have some sort of routine that I can make my plans around. When I have nothing to do, I think I have all the time in the world… watch a lot of tv.. and FEEL MORE TIRED! It’s bizarre…but explains a lot 🙂

  19. I am SO MUCH more productive during the school year when I’m busy. In the summer I’m a lazy slob. Glad I’m not the only one!

    You two are stunning in the photo and Harold’s bow tie is the best!! Love your travel tree, too. What a great idea!

  20. Yay for tree decorating!! It looks oh-so fabulous 😉

  21. i’d say you were very productive, throwing a Christmas party and putting up your tree in the same weekend! Christmas parties are a lot of work to arrange.

  22. Love the family pic!! So cute! I have a full size travel tree! Just wait, you will have to upgrade to a bigger tree eventually. It becomes an addiction.

  23. You’re definitely not the only one… I’m way more productive when there’s more on my plate! Love your travel tree… what a great idea! Nick and I started collecting patches to commemorate our travels 🙂 Cute family pic! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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