2013 reflection (in photos)

I saw a year in photos on Amy’s blog and loved the idea. I promise this is the last recap of 2013!

Here are my monthly highlights from the year.


We spent this month hibernating at home and spending time with Harold before an extended vacation.


My 29th birthday!


The highlight was definitely going back to Thailand, sightseeing, playing in the ocean, and taking a nice break from winter!


Chaweng Beach


We finished our Asia trip with two weeks in China. We had a blast, but the true highlight was probably coming home to Harold!


At the hutongs in Beijing


After five weeks in Asia with lots of food and not a ton of running, I had my work cut out for me to get ready for a June Ironman. I worked hard in April and rode countless miles on the trainer!



We snuck away to the mountains in early May for our first camping trip of the season. It was good to be back!


Patricia Lake


Ironman Coeur d’Alene pretty much dominated this month! Kelly got a huge personal best, and I bested my time by a whopping 55 seconds!


On the run…


This was a busy month with lots of training, the Tour d’Alberta bike ride, and Kelly’s Dad’s 60th birthday party. However, the highlight was probably seeing family at my cousin’s wedding!

with my niece (and always in flats!)

with my niece (and always in flats!)


I had a great August, from an awesome Jasper camping trip to Whistler for the Ironman to an Okanagan holiday. Hands down the best part was having Kelly and Harold surprise me in Whistler. Despite my exhausted arms, I proudly carried Harold around after the race!



This was another great month with the end of our BC holiday, trips to New Orleans and Vancouver, a camping trip to celebrate Kelly’s 30th birthday, and our fifth wedding anniversary.



After a busy couple months, it was great to be home in October! We spent a lot of time on the trails.



The highlight of November was a Jasper trip to cross-country and downhill ski. We love that town!



We had a fantastic Canmore trip at the beginning of the month, but Christmas was definitely the highlight. We had a marvelous few days full of family, food, and fun, and we got spoiled rotten. With such busy lives, it’s great to slow down and catch up with family!


This is just a snapshot of 2013! I have a lot to be thankful for: another year of health, a wonderful husband, a supportive family, a body that carries me through many adventures, the means to travel, the list goes on and on.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy, adventure-filled 2014!

Tell me a few highlights from your year! 


51 responses to “2013 reflection (in photos)

  1. Love looking at all your photos throughout the year!! Looks like you had a wonderful year! Here is to many more great adventures!!

  2. I know I say this alllllll theeeee timmmeee, but you two are the couple I aspire to be like whenever my Mr.Right comes along!! This is the lifestyle I love, constant adventure!! Life is too short to stay at home all the time!

  3. I’m going to second what Britt said! You guys are so wonderful. I remember reading your post when Kelly came to surprise you and it made me so incredibly happy. What an amazing year you have had – so many adventures!! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to in 2014!! Happy New Year!

  4. Such a fun idea! I’ve been reading your blog the whole year, but it was still fun to read the summary of each month. I love all of your family adventures. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings you! 🙂

  5. Aww I love this idea! I may just have to steal it! 🙂 Quick, but thorough, and I LOVE pictures! Looks like 2013 was an awesome year for you guys. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

  6. Wow, what a great year! As for me, I helped launch a new run training group, won a couple more Emmys, had good times with family and friends, and really really enjoyed running a lot of miles and races!

  7. Can’t get enough of 2013 recaps, no worries 🙂

  8. What an AMAZING year!! Looks like you did a lot of traveling…super fun!! Looking forward to see what 2014 brings!!

  9. Love the idea of a pictorial recap! Talk about packing the year full of amazing adventures!!

  10. What a great year!! I love that you don’t let ironman dominate your life- somehow you achieve balance doing a sport that most argue leaves no room for it. Looking forward to possibly meeting you in 2014 and seeing what else you have in store! My 2013 highlight is easy- getting engaged and married! 🙂

    • I try for the balance, but I can’t say I have it down quite yet!
      Your 2013 was absolutely amazing, and I loved following along with it.
      Yes- I really hope we can meet it February!

  11. This was awesome!! Loved the picture recap!! What a great year you had!
    Your trip to Thailand must have been amazing!
    Can’t wait to see what you have going on in 2014!

  12. I love looking through the year in photos! Congrats on an amazing 2013. It’s been fun to follow along!

  13. What an amazing year! It’s always fun to look back. In a couple years you will be so glad you did this so you can look back and remember =)

  14. You had an incredible year! I may have to hit you up for Thailand pointers sometime… we want to go so bad! Glad I found your blog! Hope our paths cross at some point… perhaps IM Canada in an upcoming year 🙂 Cheers to an awesome 2014, dear!

    • I would love for our paths to cross at some point; I’m disappointed we didn’t know each other for IM Canada this year!
      I could talk travel all day, so anytime you have questions ask away!
      Wishing you a most fabulous 2014. I have a feeling it’ll be awesome!

  15. Great pictures! 5 weeks in Asia?! So jealous!!

  16. I did a picture re-cap last year! It was fun. I will probably do it again for this year! One day I will get on that!! 🙂 You had an epic year. So many trips, 2 IM races, countless runs and bike rides! Too fun!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2014!
    My highlights: countless PR’s, great races, falling in love!!

  17. Thanks for the shout-out! It was certainly a great year and your two ironmans definitely are note-worthy. Keep on carrying Harold around with you 🙂

  18. What an amazing year! I’m so jealous of all your travels. I would love to visit Thailand one day! Love all the pictures too. 🙂 Wishing you and your family the very best in 2014!

  19. I love the photo of you with your niece! I love beautiful heals, but because of running injuries have been in flats for a few years now! 🙂

  20. What a beautiful recap of an amazing year. Happy New Year and sending you all the best for 2014!

  21. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    Looks like a fantastic year! My highlights were: starting this blog and running my first marathon!! Happy 2014!

  22. runnerbydefault

    Great recap!! Loved looking all your pics again. Harold is so adorable!! Happy New Year!

  23. It looks like you had a great year and I love that Harold was such a huge part! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014!

  24. Stephanie@nowiun.com

    I’m so glad you had a great year… I’m also SO glad I came across your blog. Thank you for your positive attitude and your down-to-earth personality on your blog. I love reading about your adventures and your outlook on life.

  25. look how far you have come! what a great adventure you are on. Keep training with that passion. It inspires us! 2014 it is!

  26. HAppy New Year! I’m just catching up on my blog reading: love this post idea, I may have to do one myself to capture the highlights of my past year.

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