Training lately…

It’s been nearly five months since Ironman Canada. I have no 14 in 2014 race goals, no ‘A’ race on my agenda, and no races even on my calendar.

I’ve been throwing around tons of ideas but have yet to land on anything concrete.

Don’t let that fool you. I’ve been a training machine! I’m switching things up and loving it.

After my six weeks of strength and speed, I’ve made an effort to keep up some faster/anaerobic training. I use the bike for speed work. I try intervals (a variety of times/distances) and ladder workouts.

I am still thoroughly enjoying strength and although speed workouts are crazy hard for me, I feel really good once I’m finished them.

I’ve been on the bike trainer and running to keep up my endurance. I love to run outside and used to run in any condition, including ice. Not this year. I don’t want to risk falling and hurting myself! So I’ve spent a lot of time on the treadmill and actually don’t mind it. It takes me about 30 minutes to get into it, but then I can go for a while. (On Saturday I ran 13.1 miles for #megsmiles, and so did Kelly!)


I focused on endurance and endurance alone for a long time. It’s my true running love, but I know I need to diversify.

I’ve still been doing circuit work with explosive and fast movements. Sometimes I incorporate treadmill speed and other times I stick to more of a HIIT session.

One of my newest things is barre in our bonus room! Kelly rearranged that room and moved our computer into it. Turns out wainscoting is a perfect barre replica! I just find a video on YouTube and have my very own class.


After last Saturday’s race, I discovered a few more things I need to work on. My hamstrings were so sore, like bordering injury. I think it was a result of faster running, running outside (lots of treadmill lately), and snow underfoot. Although the conditions were good, even running fast on tightly packed snow can be tough.

My hips, and in particular my left hip, still need a lot of TLC. I do physio exercises a couple days a week but could bump that number up.

I also realize I need to work on racing and not simply running! After doing major endurance events the past couple years without time or placement goals, I’m just not that competitive. If I want to run shorter races, I need to get that edge back!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately!

What’s your cross-training of choice now? Does it change with the season?

I really miss cross country skiing but the conditions just haven’t been very good this year.

36 responses to “Training lately…

  1. I love that you were able to create a barre class at home! Have you taken barre classes in a studio so you know what it is like first? I’ve been wanting to try it, but just never gotten around to it. Maybe an online class might work, but I think I need to try a studio first.
    I absolutely think yoga (esp. hot yoga!) is great in the winter. As soon as the snow in the mountains melts (June? July?), I am up there hiking!

    • I’ve only been to one class at a studio! The studio was about 20 minutes away and now they moved even further; I just don’t have it in me to travel that far for a class! You definitely should try one at a studio! Then if you like it you can practice at home!

  2. Runner Girl Eats

    Yay for barre! I’ve been awful about all crosstraining lately. I’m hoping after my half marathon next week I’ll be able to focus on a more well rounded fitness routine instead of just stressing about running 🙂

  3. I have never tried “barre,” but have heard great things about it. I may have to give this a try. Hot yoga is definitely my “cross training” of choice lately.

  4. Lots of variety in your workouts these days – awesome! I’ve recently started yoga again, and I love it!

  5. Hi! Love your blog! We have tons in common… both hikers and triathletes! I will be racing my very first full Ironman in August, Mont Tremblant! Look forward to reading about your training and races! I just started my blog recently and will be posting a lot about my hiking adventures and ironman training:)

  6. Way to mix it up! Hope your hammys are ok! I’m with you, I want to do some shorter races now and concentrate on speed. I don’t have any races booked yet, but I’m looking to make this a year of PRs!

  7. That room is great! What a perfect little exercise area. It sounds like you are doing great w/ your training even without really training “for something”. Sometimes it’s nice to exercise just because, without an end goal.

  8. Although you don’t have any races planned just yet, I am excited which ones you and Kelly do decide to sign up for! Nothing more motivating than seeing you guys cross those finish lines.. race-recaps are my favourite things ever! Yay for barre at your house! That’s such a good idea. If mine weren’t free, I would absolutely do that as well! I am off to a class this morning – can’t wait. One of my new favourite workouts for sure!

  9. Love your “bar” – I did a barre workout yesterday and use a barstool – it is the perfect height. And, I don’t know if it’s frowned on in a barre class (I’ve never been) but I actually try to do a lot of the moves without holding on at all so I have to work harder with my core.

  10. haha, very creative at-home barre set up! I think cross training is so great for training but I don’t have a gym membership so it’s running and my pathetic lifting for me!

  11. I love the wainscoting barre in your bonus room! That is so cool! I’ve already told my husband that once we have a house (we currently rent) that I want a barre. And aerial yoga silks, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

    I hope your hip feels better. You know I’m all about the yoga for my hips. (That’s always my cross train of choice, especially hot classes in the winter.)

  12. I used to take Barre classes and loved them. Wish I had time to fit that into my schedule now. But I’m just starting to work on triathlon training and how to fit in 3 sports instead of simply running!

  13. Cross training during the Winter months is very dependent on the weather and conditions. Typically I love nordic skiing but the season has been horrible for snow. Yesterday I was able to go on a bike bike with a few friends, which is very abnormal in Central Oregon. I guess I just do whatever the conditions allow – I’m usually up for anything. 🙂 It looks like you make sure there is a lot of variety in your workout schedule as well.

  14. Heck yes to switching things up, you know I am a fan haha. I haven’t tried barre, but I reallllyyy want to!

  15. I hear a lot of good things about barre classes. I have fallen in love with dance fitness. I try to go at least twice a week. My town has 3 different classes to choose from and they are pretty intense. I am sore for days afterwards!!

  16. I definitely do not do enough cross training but I’m trying to incorporate at least one day a week on the bike for the next 6 weeks to get into that habit!

  17. I’m adding strength sessions back to the mix. Lots of squats, lunges, and push-ups. After the first session, I could barely walk! I still run 3x week, but my mileage is very low right now. I try to get to pool 1-2x too. I love the variety but I also want to gradually increase my mileage soon.

  18. Like you, I’ve done barre at home in our ‘bonus room.’ My cross-training favourite right now is yoga: for runners, hip opening, core, etc.. I’ve noticed a big change in posture when I run and speed, so I’ll definitely keep that up!

  19. One day I will do what you are doing! Just working out without goals or races but enjoying being alive and able to be active!!!
    I am loving my core classes and starting to strength train once a week. It is nice to be starting the triathlon season again. I would love to pick up a yoga class once a week!

  20. Variety is key to fitness and keeping at it! Barre = brutal (but a fantastic workout!). Awesome you set up your own barre studio 🙂 I need to make better friends with my foam roller and have been loving TRX lately in addition to lots of swimming and biking 🙂

  21. look at you!! barre is great cross training. Such good core focus! And check out foundation for hip and lower back work. the dvds are hard!

  22. You are so diverse! I ran a LOT on the treadmill this training cycle, more than I ever have before. It was actually one of my goals….to get comfortable on the ol dreadmill, and I did. I definitely still prefer running outside, but, now, I at least have the option of hopping on the treadmill. I have only ran 10 on there though….maybe should shoot for a 13.1 this spring!

  23. It’s great that you’re doing a barre class at home!

    I’m really good at doing my strength training three days a week, and I’ve been cardio cross-training on my spin bike. I’m planning to find spin classes on YouTube to follow along. So far I’ve just been getting used to it and riding for an hour at a pretty constant speed.

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