Work Free Wednesday movement

I’m thinking of starting a movement: Work Free Wednesday.

I took a Wednesday off from work a few weeks ago. I got 10 hours of much-needed sleep and woke up refreshed. I had an awesome workout followed by a healthy breakfast (that I had time to enjoy). Then I went for groceries and ran a couple errands.

Once I got home, Harold and I went out for a lovely hour-long walk in the sunshine. I followed that up with baking cookies, making treats for Harold, and a little house cleaning.


Harold’s dehydrated sweet potato treats

After Kelly got home from work and went for a run, I had a delicious and nutritious dinner cooked and waiting. I also made our lunches for Thursday during this time.


Lastly, we took Harold for another walk, I did 20 minutes of relaxation yoga, and had time to read.

I felt refreshed and ready to put my all into work and everything else for the rest of the week.

I have zero science or research to back it, but I swear employees would be more productive, homes would be cleaner, relationships would be stronger, and people would be healthier if Wednesday’s were work free!

I think I’d even choose four, 10-hour workdays to get every Wednesday off!

Are you in?! Do you work Monday to Friday or a different schedule? 


31 responses to “Work Free Wednesday movement

  1. Oh totally in! I think there is a study out there showing that breaks in work make people work more productively! I think you are on to something !

  2. Count me in Abby!! I don’t know if the school districts would allow for it. Being a school teacher, I have to follow the schedule they set, but I would be more than willing to give this schedule change a try 🙂

  3. I’m in, although does this still mean the same salary????? I so agree with you, weekday days off are the best.

    I’m lucky with my teaching job to get a week or two off every 4-6 weeks; it gives me time to do all the little things you got done. My husband also sometimes jokes that I should quit my job and become a house wife, which at times, I wouldn’t mind 😉

    • Of course it would be the same salary; after all, it’s an ideal world!
      Is your school year round?

      • Yes, my school is year round. I teach young offenders and vulnerable teenagers who are placed with us, as we’re a residential school, and if we stuck to a traditional school calendar, with summer’s off, the kids would get bored, and they don’t know how to use their time constructively when they’re bored, so mischief would happen. The only downside to our calendar is going back to work in July when everyone else is still off, and not being able to go home for an extended break.

  4. Oh, you bet I am in! The world would be a happier place if four-day workweeks for the norm. Who invented the 40-hour week anyway?! So dumb… 32 hours is plenty. Life is far too short to spend it staring at a computer screen that many hours in a week!

    Looks like you had a lovely day! I left early yesterday to ride my bike in the sunshine. Best decision I’ve made in awhile 🙂

  5. I work a compressed work week (10 hour days M-Th), and it’s amazing! I can’t even express how much more balanced and happy my life is now that I have 3 day weekends!

  6. Abby, i love all of your posts but restrain myself from commenting too often! funny thing is…. when i was young (like pre work age) businesses did close on wednesday afternoons!! grandma knew to not plan a trip to the big city or even Westlock that day! how times have changed!

  7. Great idea! It’s been so long since I took a day off. I really need one so I can get a little rest, and get a lot of stuff done that’s been piling up on my to do list. Sounds like you had a great productive day!!!

  8. My schedule is different every week, so sometimes I DO have a random Wednesday off! This week I have THURSDAY off…I’m going to have an epic day today I can just feel it.

  9. What a great idea! Being self-employed my schedule is different every week. I do try to keep one day of the week (often Wednesday) that I don’t have any meetings scheduled and I limit the amount of work I do at home on that day!

  10. Sounds like you had the perfect day! I don’t take clients on Friday afternoons so I can run errands before the weekend crowds. It makes huge difference!

  11. I totally agree! I could definitely be at least as productive with a mid-week break. How very civilized! I’m not sure it will ever happen in the area I work in (education), but we can always dream!

  12. I LOVE this idea!!! I wish I had the 10/80 option sometimes but also wonder if I’d able to work out every day if I worked 10 hours a day.

    No matter what a 4 day work week would be amazing! We get Good Friday off and I’m excited to just relax!

  13. What a great day you had!!! I am spoiled and only work 3 days a week (mon-wed) and I think that it helps not working every day of the week! 🙂 I still am busy and not sure what I do with my time but somehow every Sunday night I think where did the last 4 days go and I can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow!!
    But Yes I think that We as a society work too much and people are way to uptight because of it! I totally move to have Wednesday off!! 🙂
    Do you have a dehydrator? Or how did you make Harold’s food? I want to dehydrate tempeh and make “jerkey”!!!

    • Sounds like an awesome schedule! But, I totally believe the four days still fly by.
      Yes- we bought a dehydrator to make his treats! We always bought dehydrated sweet potatoes from the store, and they had a bunch of funky ingredients. So we started to do them ourselves.
      Our dehydrator has a few settings, one for jerky! You should definitely try it out!
      We’ve made banana chips and dehydrated other fruit, too.

  14. I’m in! Even though I only work part time!
    Harold’s treats look YUMMY!

  15. Pass the petition and show me the dotted line! I’m all for this! My husband’s company works a flex schedule, so he wraps up around lunchtime on Fridays. It’s a great way to motivate employees to work hard the rest of the week!!

  16. Oh, that sounds like a great day! I would be all in, a little “get things done day” mid week sounds great. Never enouph time on the weekends!

  17. I agree–I’d rather work four longer days and have three off instead of two!

  18. This is a genius idea. I love having days off in the middle of the week… I not only feel rested and get to workout whenever I want, but I am super productive! Oliver loves it when I have days off, he gets multiple walks too:) By the way, I love that dog bowl, where did you get that?!

  19. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    You know how I feel about this 🙂 YES YES and YES

  20. I am totally with you on this one! I always thought working 4, 10 hour days would be marvelous!

  21. i say workfree wednesdays, weekends, and maybe mondays? LOL!

  22. I work Tuesday through Friday and LOVE it! Although I did have last Wednesday off which was fun!

  23. I can get on board with this 100%! It sounds like such an amazing day.
    I just found out that I have off this Friday for the Easter holiday. I think I might send little girl to daycare anyway and take the whole day to spring clean and otherwise relax. I can’t wait!

  24. This would be a fascinating idea for an I/O psychologist to examine and research. While in graduate school I took an I/O class and learned a lot of interesting things about workplace dynamics, employee happiness and commitment, and burnout. I definitely believe that a mid week day off (or even half day off) could be very beneficial an increase energy and productivity. Hump day could become jump day! 😉

  25. runnerbydefault

    I am always in for a day off!! I can’t complain though. I only work until noon on Wednesday and Fridays. Those half days make a world of difference on my moods!

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