KT Tape review & giveaway

At this time last year I was desperate for healthy knees. I had two big races on the horizon and didn’t want injury to get in the way.

I took the usual routes and lowered my mileage, went to physio, did my prescribed exercises, and rolled my legs like crazy. Everything helped a little, but nothing helped a lot.

If you read my blog last year of followed my Instagram (thechangeofpace), you would also notice the bright tape I wore for all my races and any long rides or runs.


IM Coeur d’Alene 2013

Kelly, dealing my frustration, picked up a few rolls of KT tape for me to try. I was instantly a fan.

KT tape is an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. It creates neuromuscular feedback that inhibits or facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons (from their website).

In simple language, it provided my knees and quads the additional support they required and took pressure off my kneecaps.

The good

It really does help. I fell in love with the tape instantly. Sometimes I doubted its ability and thought it might be placebo effect. But each time I tried to go long without it, my knees hurt. Each time I used it, I felt great.

You can wear KT tape for virtually any activity. I wore KT tape to bike, run, and even swim. I wore it for a half iron distance triathlon and two Ironmans. The tape stayed on throughout the full 12+ hours!

IM Canada Whistler 2013

IM Canada Whistler 2013

It’s user-friendly. The KT tape website has instructional videos for nearly every body part. (Side note- don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before…I’m going to try it on my hamstring!)

It also comes in handy strips and easily tears for application. You can put it on anywhere. (I actually put extra KT tape in my transition bags in case I’d need to reapply during my races, as I knew it would be easy to do.)

Comfort. I wore the tape literally hundreds of times over the summer. It never irritated me, and most of the time I forgot I was even wearing it. KT tape flexes with your movements.

Pops of colour. Call it superficial, but I love the colour selection of KT tape. It’s bright and reflective. I made it my mission to match my KT tape to my outfits!


The bad

Tan lines. Depending on where you need the tape, it can make for bad tan lines!


Cost. KT tape can be expensive if you’re using it often and for multiple body parts. But, it is on par with other tapes out there. To me, you can’t put a price on running/biking/insert your activity here pain free!

Adhesion. The website says you can wear it for up to five days but I found I couldn’t wear it for more than two. With the amount of sweat and water I poured into the strips though, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Truthfully, there aren’t really any negatives to KT tape. I am convinced I wouldn’t have made it to the start line of both races, nonetheless achieved a personal best in one.

Since I started using it, I’ve recommended it to numerous people! If you have a niggle that’s causing you problems, or if you’re trying to recover from an injury and still train, KT tape may be the answer.

Giveaway time

One reader will receive a roll of KT tape to test out! Here’s what you can do to win…

USE THE RAFFLECOPTER LINK to enter! : http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/85a9af0/

Mandatory: Visit the KT tape website and leave me a comment about what colour you’d like or what body part you’d use it on.

Optional extra entries:

The giveaway ends Sunday, April 27 at midnight. Open to residents of the US and Canada.

*KT Tape offered to send me a roll to try. Since I know I love the product, they offered to give one to a reader! I wasn’t compensated for the review; I just truly believe in the product.

51 responses to “KT Tape review & giveaway

  1. I’d love a roll of blue KT tape. I’ve got some shin pain that I’d like to try it on. Thanks!

  2. Great review, Abby! I’d love to try purple on my right outer ankle that flares up occasionally.

  3. Oh I love KT tape too – if I had to choose a colour I’d probably go for the lime green..nice and bright! Such a great review and I agree that it works wonders, I am not really sure how (I was skeptical at first, too) but it does! I will definitely be picking some up before marathon day 😉

  4. I hope to win a roll of pink tape to help my calf get through IMCdA!

  5. I prefer the nude color since I wear it all the time, and I prefer not explaining what it is at work. Nude is a little less obvious.

  6. I would choose the laser blue! I would try it on my Achilles’ tendon

  7. I use KT Tape on my feet and have recently started using it for my IT Band issues. I would love to have a roll of bright green!

  8. I loveeed your post on IG and seeing that KT tape was willing to giveaway for free so you didn’t have to spend $$! What a legit company! Great review, and you as always amaze me!

  9. I’ve always wondered about KT tape. Thanks for the awesome, honest review. Definitely going to check it out and enter the giveaway.

  10. I would go with hero pink! I wore KT tape in one of my marathons last year and it helped my peronal tendon. Great stuff!

  11. I would love to use the purple on my knees!

  12. I’ve always wondered if it is really as good as everyone sounds – I think you have given a great review. Now I’m wondering if I should get some for my race in a couple weeks.

  13. YES!! I LOVE KT TAPE!!! I would love to try a roll of the winner green and of course I would be using it on my awful tendon. I am totally hooked on it now and same as you, I definitely feel different when I don’t wear it!

  14. I love KT Tape and I use it on my achilles. Right now I just have the black tape but I’d love to try a bright color.

  15. I would love a roll of purple. Not sure why because nothing that I cycle in is purple!! 🙂 I have a roll of pink because I tape up my toes for long runs! I am glad that I have never needed to use it on anything else!!

  16. I was wondering about the tan lines, and you confirmed it for me!

  17. we love KT tape!! i follow them on twitter already. They really work! great for shoulder and knee injuries!

  18. runnerbydefault

    I never thought about the tan lines tape would create! I haven’t tried tape before. I wonder if using it would help prevent injury as well as help it? Glad to hear that it is helping keep you active!

  19. Justin loves this stuff but I haven’t ever tried it because haven’t had the need… with that comment I probably will now!

  20. I’m pretty lame, so I’d just go for the beige/Caucasian skin colored version. I’ve used one brand of tape in the past, I can’t remember if it was this specific brand or not.
    As for getting tape to stick longer, a trick I’ve used in the past (and learned from ultrarunners) is to apply “compound tincture of benzoin” to the skin before applying the tape (there is also “tincture of benzoin” which does NOT do the same thing). The stuff smells horrible when you’re putting it on, but it works amazingly. I taped my feet for my first 100-miler (along with this benzoin stuff), and the tape stayed on the entire time. You can still intentionally peel the tape off, and rubbing alcohol cleans up the benzoin real easily. So, iif you’re looking for a way to get it to stay longer, or you need to tape a part that gets a lot of rubbing/friction, the compound tincture of benzoin helps tremendously. My local pharmacy was able to order it for me – I think I paid $6 for a bottle (which lasts a LONG time).

  21. I love KT tape (and also use the Rock Tape brand because I find it stays on longer). I have gotten some interesting tan lines too. It really helps me with some runner’s knee pain I’ve been having. I remember seeing you all taped up at IM CdA!

  22. Totally entering! I’ve used the cheap stuff before, and it does not work as well. It has helped me when I get my little nagging pains and tweaks. I think I’ll choose the sassy purple this time!

  23. I’ve never used KT tape but it sounds pretty awesome! I considered getting some for my knee pain during IMCDA training but didn’t get around to it. I’m glad it helps you so much! What a lifesaver!

  24. Great information Abby!! Something I may consider if the need arises. I love the tan lines…that picture goes well with my post on the “new normal” 🙂

  25. The epic purple! I would give it a try for my knee that gives me pain on and off when I run. I am training for my first IM…Lake Placid!!

  26. I would go with sonic blue for my left knee. Do you recommend this for daily use or just for use during exercise??

    • Personally I primarily used it for exercise, but I’d keep it on afterwards or put it on before and wear it at work or around home, too. You could definitely use it daily, but I’d be concerned there’s a bigger issue at hand.

  27. I’ve never tried KT tape… wonder if it would help my back? It’s been bothering me a lot lately :-/ Love that it comes in neon! Because the brighter the better 🙂

  28. Plantar fascia! In fucsia! 🙂

  29. Laura Hernandez

    Great review! My favorite color tape (and one I have yet to try) would be orange. I use it on whatever hurts…shins, Achilles, ankle, etc.

  30. I want pink! And I would use it on my achilles.

  31. I’m getting ready to finish my roll of Hero Pink, I but my favorite color is blue so I really want some Sonic Blue. 😀

  32. Tiffany Bowman

    I’d love a roll of the pink! I’ve been using KT Tape on my ankles for stability and to help with shin splints. I swear by it!

  33. purple or yellow. someone just told me about this today, in fact a few of us were discussing in church.

  34. I just started using KT tape on my lower back and I truly cannot believe the difference. I had stopped running due tub severe lower back spasms – but am very gradually returning with the help of KT tape. I am boring and just use black!

  35. Epic Purple – I am currently using KT Tape for ankle stability after an ankle sprain. Used it for ankle edema for a couple days and it worked exceptionally well. Will probably use it for plantar fasciitis – and honestly anything else. Love it!

  36. I guess black – it goes with everything 🙂
    I am using it for tennis elbow and radial tunnel syndrome. I just need a bionic right arm

  37. I am using it for my arthritic knees and love love love how it makes them feel… Stealth Beige might be nice to try with some Epic Purple… ;))

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