Leg update & weekend workouts

Let’s just say my running/racing fever has reached an all-time high with spring weather {hopefully} here to stay, and a lot of major race weekends already behind us.

Despite my race fever, I’m happy I didn’t sign up for any races. I’m still really struggling with my left side. I’d be downright depressed if I had big races on my agenda!

But, I still want to have a summer/fall full of running- be it long or short, in the mountains or on local trails, or even a quick loop around my neighbourhood.

After a run a few weeks ago, my high hamstring and butt hurt to even sit on the toilet- not normal!

I’ve been back twice in the last two weeks for IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation, using a needle to activate a reflex causing the muscle to release) to ease the pain.

(If you’re curious as to what IMS/dry needling looks like- check out this video and don’t mind her sound effects!)

We think the major problem (right now) is actually an adductor (inner thigh) muscle right near the top attachment and sit bones. When he asks what hurts the most, it’s easiest to describe it as my crotch. Needless to say it’s quite an uncomfortable place to deal with but hopefully it helps! We also take care of my hamstring and muscles running around the top of my hip.

The physiotherapist doesn’t think my muscles are weak. For some reason they’re just really tightening up and not wanting to relax on their own. However, I’m still strengthening my hips and glutes like crazy!

I feel frustrated. Hopefully I can figure out what’s causing my issues since it’s definitely not distance or speed! I’ve been handling it remarkably well and haven’t been {too} moody while not running and figuring out what I can do pain-free. Thankfully biking doesn’t bother it and neither does any strength training.

We had a quiet Mother’s Day weekend with my parents in Arizona and Kelly’s mom in Vancouver with his sister.

I attempted a run with Kelly on Saturday morning. I could definitely feel my muscles and didn’t want to push it so cut the run a bit short. Man, did I get out of running shape fast! I forget how hard it is to get back into running when you’ve been off for a while. Thankfully Kelly was patient with my slower pace and heavy breathing!

On Sunday Kelly and I hopped on our mountain bikes and rode to the river valley where we enjoyed the trails! We rode for almost four hours, and I was toast by time we got home.


If I can’t run much this year, I’d love to hit the trails on my bike.

I was lacking a lot of confidence and ran my bike on parts of the singletrack, but that just means I have a lot of room to grow!


How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

Have you experienced muscles that just don’t want to relax? What did you do to help them?


37 responses to “Leg update & weekend workouts

  1. Oh, Abby–you know I feel your pain! I hope you are on the path to getting it all fixed. It is SO hard not to be able to do the things you love. But I know you’ll do whatever you can to get back to 100%, so it will pay off in the end!

  2. Oh I hope you heal up fast.. there is nothing more frustrating especially with spring being here and you wanting to go for those runs so badly. Let’s hope those muscles relax!

    As for your weekend – sounds like it was wonderful! You are such a BA for biking out on the trails, I have friends who do it also and it always sounds like you need so much coordination and strength. Naturally, I would be awful at it 🙂

  3. Sending healing vibes your way! Glad you were still able to get out and enjoy the trails with your hubs. Cross train like crazy, and running will come back in no time, when you’re all healed up!

  4. UGH your muscles make me so sad! At least you have the bike to keep you moving. I hope that inner thigh eases up STAT!

  5. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I hope everything starts to chill out! I went through the same thing and it is so frustrating getting to the route of the problem. Good thing you have that bike! I’m sure it’s really helpful 🙂

  6. I don’t know if I’ve experience muscles that just won’t relax, but I know what it’s like to have mystery pain that no one can properly name nor pinpoint the cause. I dealt with that for almost a year until I switched physios and went to someone who did joint manipulation. I feel your pain friend! Hope things get sorted quickly!

    I’m a bit jealous of your biking this past weekend! More practice will build your confidence. It’s like downhill skiing, right? And you like that! 🙂

  7. I hope you get to feeling better! At least you’re getting to enjoy the outdoors again though! I’ve heard of dry needling, but have yet to try it. I need to look into more.

  8. Friend and then man. And I didn’t see a specialist. Very frustrating but also know that it won’t last forever find ways to work out without aggravating, right?

    • Super frustrating, but at least I can do quite a few other things!
      Your comments have a way of calming me down since you almost always know someone who has dealt with my issues 🙂

  9. I totally feel your hip pain! I have a very similar if not the same problem! My right adductors and medial hamstrings are super tight and just won’t relax. It was so bad this past fall that my pelvis sympyhsis was pulling apart and it was not a pleasant experience. I see a chircopractor that does graston and fascia work that as helped. But is is a long process of healing and I think that I’m finally making progress.

    • Thanks for your comment, Katelyn! That’s really bizarre we are dealing with the same issue! Do you know what caused it?
      I have yet to do graston but I’ve heard it can work wonders. Hope your progress keeps moving forward!

  10. I can imagine it should be frustrating… at least you can bike. And what about swimming ? Does it hurt too ? I hope everything will go back to normal soon. 🙂

    • Thanks, Marjolaine!
      I don’t think I have swam laps since before Ironman Canada in August! But I don’t think it would hurt. It’ll be a back up, back up plan 🙂

  11. So frustrating, especially for someone as active as you! All you can do is be smart about it and and not push yourself!

  12. I’m sorry you’re injured..that’s so frustrating! I’m getting over an injury that sounds like it’s in a similar spot–high hamstring/butt on the left side (also hurt when sitting on the toilet, ha). I think mine is from weak and tight muscles though. I still roll it out with a lacrosse ball almost daily. What kind of stretching and strengthening are you doing?

    • Bizarre how many people seem to be dealing with high hamstring issues. (I’ve done A LOT of googling!) Good luck with your issue- I hope it can clear up soon.
      I’m going to yoga and doing a lot of piriformis and ball rolling. I find hamstring stretches on their own seem to aggravate it more.
      For strengthening, I’m doing a combination of lateral band walks, bridges and single leg bridges, single leg squats, one leg balances on a bosu, fondas to the front, middle and back, and some clamshells.
      I have a few more in the rotation from various physiotherapists over the years, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head!
      Do you do some similar exercises?

      • good work! I haven’t been as vigorous with strengthening as I wish I was. I’m doing mostly bridges and single leg deadlifts (no weight). I was seeing a chiro who suggested doing 75(!!) single leg deadlifts every day (I’m sure if I actually did that, I would be better by now!). There is a really tight spot in my butt that I think is causing a lot of the issues, but rolling it out and stretching it with pigeon pose seems to help. good luck!

  13. runnerbydefault

    I hope you get it all straightened out soon. So frustrating just as the weather starts warming up! 😦 I love that you and Kelly can spend quality time together on bikes enjoying the outdoors and exercising. That is awesome!! My hubby can be a stick in the mud when it comes to exercising outside when it’s warm. Says it’s too hot. 😦

  14. What a bummer Abby!! I hope you get them to relax soon!! Have you tried hot yoga? I’ve found that, massages and the foam roller/stick to help me somewhat. I love that you are able to enjoy the trails on your saddle…even if it isn’t on your feet!!

    • I’ve been saying I need to try hot yoga for years. Maybe I should actually try it now! Thank you.
      And yes, the trails in any form (by foot or wheel) are so great.
      How is your niggle coming along?

      • You should definitely try hot yoga!! My “niggle” has sidelined me for a bit. It turned into tendinitis if the left knee because of my compensation. Not yet sure how that will affect my 70.3 race in 3 weeks…

  15. I agree with Kecia about the hot yoga. I found that it helped my tendon issues more than any of the exercises that the doctors gave me (and I love my chiro but it helped me more than visiting him as well). I’m so sorry that you’re in pain and I hope you get some good answers soon. It sounds like you guys had a nice weekend though and I’m glad you can still bike and do strength stuff pain free!

    Our weekend was good! For Mother’s Day I wanted to go to the baseball game. 🙂 We lost, but it was a blast!

  16. Sorry you’re still struggling with your leg. 😦 SUCH a bummer!! At least you are able to do some other outdoor things you enjoy. I hope you figure out your muscle problem ASAP! I have problems w/ my hips staying in alignment so I visit an osteopath regularly. Sort of like a chiro but not.

  17. Ugh – so sorry that you are having such a hard time with your leg still. I hope that you can figure out exactly what has caused the problem so you can get to the root of it and not just the surface!

  18. Sorry to hear about your left side and leg! All of my issues are on my left side too.. .it’s so frustrating! There is no dry needling where I live, but my friend from college is a PT in Virginia and is licensed in dry needling… she’s done it to me before and it’s the coolest thing! I have been doing everything possible for my left foot, so I know how to you feel with your injury. I hope you feel better soon! Your mountain bike ride looks like it was a blast. I would love to get into Mountain biking, I think I would really enjoy it… how nice that you can do it with your hubby.. too bad Harold couldn’t go too 😉

  19. Dang it!! I can’t believe your leg is giving you such trouble! Do you get massages? Keep working on it. I hope that it gets better soon. I am sure you will be running in no time!! At least you can bike! That has got to be something!! It can only help your run fitness once you get to run again!! 🙂
    Your day looked awesome!! We just went over to Dan’s sisters house for dinner. It was fun!

  20. This sounds frustrating!! I’m so sorry! I’m glad you are still enjoying other activities!

  21. Just an idea, but have you tried the yoga pose, Pigeon? My husband was having high hamstring/butt issues and this really helped clear it up for him. And I just like hanging out in that stretch for awhile because it feels good!

  22. What a bummer about your leg =( I hope you heal fast!

  23. So jealous about your spring weather and biking! It is raining/snowing again today for like the 5th day in a row. I too am happy that I dont’ have big races because training would be tough indoors. Sorry about your hamstring. I just read an interesting article in Runner’s World that basically talked about someone who was hamstring dominant and had difficulty isolating her glutes. Maybe it’s more motor control and timing than weakness?! Just a thought! Feel better!

  24. Behind on my blog reading… such a bummer about your leg! I hope the ISM + strengthening are helping and that you’re feeling better now, a couple weeks later! Keep focusing on what you CAN do… like rocking those awesome mountain biking trails! Looks like a blast 🙂

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