Long weekend & more mountain biking

It was Victoria Day long weekend, which meant no work yesterday!

We hoped to go camping in Jasper (it’s been way too long) but the forecast for the mountains wasn’t very nice. We opted to stay home instead, and it was a beautiful weekend in the city!

I spent almost every minute of Saturday outside including a strength workout in the back yard, a visit with my niece, and reading (Anatomy for Runners by Jay Dicharry again) by the fire while Kelly worked on bikes. (He’s an awesome bike mechanic!)


On Sunday Kelly and I went for another long mountain bike ride. I was so tired by the end it felt like I was back in Ironman training!

We rode for almost four hours again and I think I did a lot better on the trails. We took wider and easier ones, but on the singletrack I felt more confident!

Here are four things I worked on improving from last week but still have a ways to go.

  • Look ahead – look down the trail for obstacles, roots, ruts, turns, etc. so I can react to them before I reach them.
  • Don’t hesitate – if I pause, I stop and then it’s even harder to make myself go down a steep hill or keep pedaling up. I was at the top of a steep downhill on Saturday, hesitated, and stopped. A lady and her husband were walking up it and gave me the encouragement I needed to ride down!
  • Learn to shift my weight – this point kind of goes with the hesitation. I need to work on shifting my weight back (butt behind seat) downhill and pushing my hips forward when I climb. (oh, and to shifts gears before I reach a hill!)
  • Stand when going over bumpy terrain or logs – I learned this the hard way after hurting my nether region from staying sitting!

I’ve really enjoyed mountain biking with Kelly the last couple weekends. The trails are such a peaceful place to be without traffic or much wind.

On Monday I took Harold to the river valley to enjoy the trails again. I wanted to run a little, but we ended up walking almost the whole time. I thought I was out of shape, but Harold definitely needs spring training before he can go on long hikes in the mountains this summer!!

How was your weekend? Do you prefer to walk, run, or bike on trails?

18 responses to “Long weekend & more mountain biking

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Have you ever considered doing an xterra? I always feel more confident on the mountain bike than trying to be a speed demon on my road bike so I always wonder if xterra should be my next triathlon attempt.

  2. I know that I would be terrified to ride a bike on trails – especially the downhills if I felt like I was out of control. Your things you’ve learned sound pretty important especially the one about standing during super bumpy parts!!

  3. Mountain biking seems terrifying to me! I’ll stick with running or hiking!

  4. While I love running on the trails, cycling on the trails is my go to (although we don’t have the mountains and hills that you have). Riding the trails, definitely helps my bike handling skills while on the road bike or tri bike 🙂

  5. I am much more confident running or walking on trails than biking. I took a weeklong mountain biking and biology class on a little island off Michigan a few summers ago, and we biked on a bunch of rugged trails to see cool sciency things. I thought I was going to crash every time I approached a rock/root/stick/uphill/downhill/anthill/anything!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! The deck looks so awesome! Just in time for summer!!!
    I haven’t really tried Mtn biking. It scares me or the thought of it does! 🙂 I think a wider/less big ups and downs/not technical trail I would probably like. I like running in our Forest Park unless its been raining a ton and it is super muddy and slushy!

  7. Love those tips. If only you could remember all of that while on top of a hill with a nasty downhill right in front of you… Oh well, that won’t be me for a while longer yet! 😉

  8. I love all the outdoor things you do. It inspires me to want to be out there more! We are going to Durango, Colorado this coming weekend and I can’t wait for some training there, it’s beautiful.

  9. I love your yard! I want a fire pit. 🙂 It sounds like you had a lovely long weekend and you make me miss mountain biking so much! Awhile back I learned the same hard lesson about standing up over bumpy terrain.

    I do a little trail running around here, but I really miss riding a bike out there. I need to get a bike!

  10. I’ve never biked on trails, just run and walk them. I would love to bike them, as long as they weren’t super steep! HA!

  11. What an awesome backyard. Now I’m jealous of you! I haven’t gone full on trail biking since once in high school. I nearly broke my neck, but didn’t I’m in awe of the trail bikers I see when I’m trail running, but for now I’m happy with the challenges of navigating the trails on my feet (and jumping over snakes!). Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  12. I love biking on the trails. That is the way I can go the farthest and see the most!

  13. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    trail running all the way! I would be way scared of biking on trails… Also, is that your backyard? I’m super jealous. It looks so cozy!

  14. HaHa: Harold needs spring training! Get that little guy off the sofa and in a doggy fitness routine. 🙂

    I don’t think I’d like biking on difficult trails, but I have enjoyed trail biking on easier ones. I still think I prefer trail running over other modes of transportation.

  15. Looks like you had a great long weekend! I’m jealous that Kelly is such a good bike mechanic! Todd knows the basic stuff, but he is by no means an expert… must be handy!! Mountain biking sounds awesome! I have never done it before, but have always wanted to try. I think I would be most afraid of my lack of coordination:) I love to hike on trails and I also love to trail run. If I had to choose my favorite, it would be hiking with Oliver and Todd up our favorite mountains in new hampshire! We hope to try mountain biking when we are in Utah in Sept!

  16. runnerbydefault

    Be careful out on the trails. I am not a biker at all and just reading your post made me anxious thinking about going down those steep hills!!

  17. Glad you’re feeling more confident on trails! YOu’re right about not hesitating. I have the same issue. My hubby says you should always be “picking your lines” (paths) on turns, over obstacles, etc. I don’t think I can plan that far ahead yet. I’m getting there I guess!

  18. Perfect weekend! You backyard looks awesome… so inviting, and is that an elevated container garden? Fun! The few times I’ve been mountain biking have wiped me out more than any 100 miles in the saddle! Way to ride, lady!

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