Weekend camping in Radium

We spent the past two weekends camping, hiking, and just enjoying the mountains. It certainly is hard to come home when you’re surrounded by this beauty!


We’ve been going to Radium Hot Springs, a small village on the edge of Kootenay National Park in the Rocky Mountains in BC. The weather is typically a lot warmer there than our beloved Jasper, so it has been nice to hike in shorts!

Two other things stand out: the varied flora and fauna, and all the bighorn sheep! I think they’re Radium’s unofficial mascot, and they can be seen nearly everywhere from the trails to walking the streets.


On the first weekend, we went on two very different hikes. One was a typical mountain hike that started at Sinclair Creek and went up and up! We ended at the hot springs but had Harold with us so didn’t go for a dip…this time!


The second day we did a short hike around the hoodoos near Fairmont. I was terrified of going close to the edge, but Kelly had no fear!


This past weekend we went on two more gorgeous hikes. On Saturday we went to Mount Swansea, which is a downhill biker’s dream! They also have hiking trails. We ended up taking the long way up, but I’m glad we did as it was longer (got my sweat going) and had various lookouts!


We saw a bunch of hang/paragliders, and at the top we saw the launch pad. My stomach felt weak watching them floating in the air!


The next day Kelly went for a trail run in the morning; yup, my heart was broken! Then we went on a walk close to town along the creek. Harold was pretty tired, so it was nice to walk mostly flat ground. And my quads were trashed from coming back down the mountain!


The bears are out in full force. On our drive on Friday we saw a bear rubbing his scent on a tree, and one crossed the road right in front of us! They had a lot of hikes temporarily closed while the bears are predominately in the valley bottoms.

I can’t wait to get back out to the mountains and explore more of the area! I know Harold’s excited, too!


Are you afraid of heights?

28 responses to “Weekend camping in Radium

  1. I am soooooo soooooo sad! lol! I was supposed to go to Vancouver & Victoria this summer, but the plans fell through :((( Your pictures look amazing! The nature is breathtaking! Thank goodness, we don’t have that many bears here in Quebec (or at least, I’m not aware of that). I’d be pretty scared! Heights? Well… Yes and no… My hubby and I went ziplining in rainforest in Antigua last fall. Even though I was intimidated at first, the excitement took over hehe! 🙂 xoxo Olena

  2. I’m not a fan of tall buildings or cliffs or whatnot. Or bridges… Weirdly, I was fine going skydiving. Those are gorgeous pictures, looks like a beautiful place to spend the weekend!

  3. You know I looooveee this post! I equally love the photo of Kelly on the ledge. I don’t like heights, but I still venture to the edges at times. Anything for a good photo! 😉

  4. Yay Yay Yay! I love mountain camping trips! Harold looks SO HAPPY in these pictures! I love seeing dogs so happy to be out and about in the mountains! And I know exactly what feeling you are talking about watching the hang gliders. I am not usually afraid of heights, but sometimes I just get that feeling in the pit of my stomach and it sucks! And we are pretty sure we will see bears this weekend on our trail relay.

  5. It looks like you guys had a blast! As you know, I also love camping and hiking in the mountains… there is nothing like it. It’s definitely SO hard to go back home (and to work) after spending a weekend in the mountains. I always find myself wondering why I don’t actually LIVE in the mountains. The last picture of Harold is so adorable and you should totally frame that! What beautiful scenery and wildlife… the big horn sheep, so cool! The hang gliders on the other hand, so scary! While I don’t mind heights, I don’t think you’ll ever find me trying that!

  6. Gorgeous pictures!!!
    Yes, I’m scared of heights especially if there is just a major drop-off!!!
    Glad you can hike – hope that doesn’t make your leg worse at all!!

  7. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING PHOTOS!! This looks like a place I may have to add to my “places I must visit” list. I’m sad you didn’t get to run on the trails. I hope you are healing and will soon be back pounding the pavement! As for heights…definitely not a fan. I can climb up things easily and get to high places, but if I look down, it is a done deal…hello queasy stomach and lightheadedness 😉

  8. Yes, I’m definitely afraid of heights! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and great photos! Makes me miss the Rockies 😦

  9. Those pictures are beautiful- I cant imagine those views in person! If I saw a bear I think I would probably scream!

  10. Beautiful pics!! I AM afraid of heights so I wouldn’t be going near the edge either. I hope those sheep are friendly…those horns are crazy!

  11. That sheep picture is unreal! So cool!
    I’m a little bit scared of heights

  12. All I can say is ‘Awesome’! Beautiful. In OBX last year they had one of the largest sand dunes in the country and we talked to the folks in charge of the many people learning to hang glide there. I was fascinated! Were you really that close to those big horn sheepsies? (I want to call them rams)

  13. I love it when it’s finally hiking season! I was really excited for a hike this past weekend…but then realized that it was still closed due to snow. It’s hard waiting for the trails to be clear when the sun is out!

  14. Those pictures are amazing!!!
    I’m not afraid of heights. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I did Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim (double crossing of the Grand Canyon). I had great views but yours makes me want to go there!!

  15. So, so pretty! You are so lucky to be able to hit hikes like that. I would love to see the bighorn sheep so up close and personal!

  16. WOW it’s so gorgeous there and what fun to see those cool sheep! I know I’ve probably said this a million times on your blog, but I have serious hiking envy….no place like that exists around here. 🙂 I am not afraid of heights unless I’m in an airplane.

  17. The pictures are gorgeous. I’m sitting here at a desk really wishing I could spend at least one day there. I’m definitely afraid of heights, but not when I’m still on the ground. Mountains = okay. man made heights = not okay!

  18. runnerbydefault

    Those pictures don’t even seem real! So gorgeous!! Glad to hear that you guys are taking advantage of the summer weather. It would be so cool to see bear like that! I have my fingers crossed that while in Alaska I will see one.

  19. Stephanie@nowiun.com

    Yes – I am afraid of heights!
    Those hikes look absolutely perfect. Amazing. It seems like it wasn’t terribly crowded with tourists, either. Did you have the trails (mostly) to yourselves <>?
    Sorry you didn’t get to join Kelly for the trail run 😦

  20. i think we need to pack up and visit you this summer. It’s way too hot here!

  21. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    bighorn sheep?! So cool! You’re making all this east coast camping/hiking look like child’s play!

  22. Looks like so much fun!!! Great pictures!! I love Bighorn Sheep. They are Nevada’s state animal so I used to see them a bunch!!!
    I am afraid of heights in the terms of roller coasters but I can to be on the edge of tall buildings(Sears tower, Empire State..etc).

  23. Ohhhh, so jealous of your fabulous hiking adventures! Our hikes lately have been of the shorter variety so we can take the girls. It’s great to see them discover the delights of the trail for the first time, but I’d love to get out for a good, long hike with my husband sans kids! Two of the most spectacular hikes I’ve ever done have involved some harrowing heights and a good amount of peer pressure from my husband. We did Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, and I had a death grip on the supports going up and down. We also climbed Half Dome with the cables down. The view at the top was worth the adrenaline rushing ascent!

  24. Stunning photos! I can almost smell the fresh mountain air 🙂 I miss the mountains, and your pics make me wish they were in my backyard! Hope you’re well, Abby!

  25. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and your pictures are beautiful!

    I am very afraid of heights, but I loved parasailing when we went at the beach, so maybe I’m just afraid of ladders. HaHa! Our sons went skydiving yesterday and had a blast! Now I want to go!

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