Three goals

Hello! It’s been a while…

When I wrote my last post, I had no idea how long of a break I would take. Turns out four months away from blogging flies by!

Three goals
I had three main goals for this year when we decided not to sign up for any big races. I am happy to say I achieved all of them, with a few smaller ones accomplished, too!

Goal #1: Visit the mountains often

Lake of the Hanging Glacier

This was a smashing success with 17 weekends spent out there, and 11 days for summer vacation!



We hiked a ton, and I trail ran and SUPed to my heart’s content.


I even paddled in my first SUP race in Canmore and hope to make it an annual event!

Goal #2: Heal my injuries/ailments
After taking a break from running, strengthening like crazy, and seeing numerous people, I found a chiropractor who I credit for getting me back to pain-free running!

One day in late July I realized not one thing hurt when I was running, or afterwards. My hamstring, glutes, piriformis, iliac crest, knee, and hip were all quiet.



I’m still working on my weaknesses so I can continue! However, new aches are constantly popping up, which I attribute to goal three.

Goal #3: Get pregnant
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a couple photos. I am excited to say I am now past the halfway mark of my pregnancy and am due on March 6, 2015.

I’m still trying to stay active with trail running, biking on the trainer, and strength training. Hopefully I can continue throughout!


We ran a 12km trail race on our sixth anniversary. I was 17 weeks, and have definitely ‘popped’ since then.

Everything else
Other than that, my sister had a precious baby boy at the end of July so I now have an amazing niece and a nephew!

The first year of my garden box was a blooming success.


And it was our hottest summer I can remember.

What’s new in your world?

36 responses to “Three goals

  1. triathlonobsession

    That is hard to top! Congratulations on the baby! Sounds like a baby jogger is in your future. Best wishes! xo

  2. Awesome update, Abby. Sounds like an amazing 4 months! And most especially, congratulations on the baby. What an exciting time. Enjoy every moment!

  3. Well hello!! Oh my gosh congrats on the pregnancy!!! That’s so exciting! I got my blog back up and running while you were away- I missed the blogosphere. Hopefully you’re back for good now 🙂

  4. Amazing! Glad to hear you had a great summer and a huge congrats on the baby!

  5. AHH SO excited to see a post from you!!! Your summer was fantastic and I was glad to follow through IG! Congratulations again on being pregnant, you are just TOO CUTE!

  6. So happy to see you back (I follow you on Instagram but it is not the same)! Congratulations for the big news!! I don’t know if you will let us know how you handle staying active and being pregnant but it would be really interesting coming from you. Glad to read your injuries are getting better and better. I am, myself, at the end of my marathon training and pain is popping out from one spot then another. I am getting nervous about it, hoping not to get injured before the marathon… You go to see a chiropractor? Is it massage or something like that? Any chiropractor is good or some are specialized into sports?
    Anyway, can’t wait to read you here 🙂

    • I’ll try to write a couple posts on pregnancy fitness; I have to say, it’s a lot more different than I thought it would be!
      I’m sure you’ll be good before the marathon!
      But I’ve seen various physiotherapists (regular and with dry needling), a chiro, masseuses, and acupuncture. I really liked this chiropractor because he did a thorough examination/testing from top to bottom to determine everything that was wrong rather than just making a guess based on what I told him felt off.
      My best recommendation based on the people I’ve seen over the years is to find someone who specializes in sports, specifically endurance, or find someone who is a runner! If you don’t know where to start, ask who they’d recommend from local runners or a local running shop!

  7. Congratulations again! It appears you’ve had a summer to remember, your photos are stunning! I’m so envious of your SUP race too. Glad you’re back 🙂

  8. Congratulations and welcome back 🙂 I would love to hear about how your running has gone through your pregnancy so far, if you feel like writing a post about it. If not, no worries. So glad you got to the mountains often. They are the best, aren’t they?

  9. Wow!!! Amazing!! Congrats!!! Beautiful pictures!! xoxo

  10. So glad you’re back to blogging and that you’ve achieved all your goals this year! Welcome back!!

  11. You are back!!! So nice to see that you were able to enjoy your summer and achieve all of the goals you had made. Your pictures on Instagram have been beautiful and you were really able to explore some great country. That water you were SUPing on looks like glass. Congratulations on your pregnancy! March 6 is only a few days after my birthday. Are you going to find out the gender of the baby? You look so pretty and happy!!

  12. So happy to see you here!!!
    I already saw your news on Instagram but congratulations again!! And congrats on being halfway – that is huge! Are y’all going to find out the gender?

  13. Ha ha! I’ve been thinking, “Where’s Abby? She must be pregnant!” Congrats!

  14. Great to hear from you!!! I have been wondering what you are up to!! Excited to hear you have had a great summer full of lots of adventures!! Jealous of all your SUPing. I have only been a couple times but it is fun!!! Congrats on the baby! She/He will be a great addition to your little family!! 😉 I am so glad that you are running injury free! I bet that is such a relief!!?!
    Not a lot going on here! I am excited for the NYC marathon in 13 days! I will finally be taking a break from all the long stuff! Can’t wait!

  15. Oh my gosh congrats!!! I am so excited for you!! And bonus on the pain-free running, too. I can’t find your Instagram…what is it?

  16. Yay, sounds like you’ve been doing well! Congrats!!!! March is a good month to be born – some pretty cool people have March birthdays 😉
    I have a friend here who’s 8 mos preggo and still running!

  17. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Congratulations on meeting all three goals, especially #3! I’m so happy for you!

  18. What a great comeback post! Congratulations!!

  19. I am so happy you are back and OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you guys!!!!

  20. I am thrilled for you, Abby! Huge congrats 🙂 It’s been so fun seeing your adventures via instagram… what a stellar summer you’ve had! Glad you’re back 🙂

  21. ahhhhh I saw that you are pregnant on insta and since I haven’t been reading blogs I figured it was time to read about you! CONGRATULATIONS! I can just see your little one turning into a running, biking, adventuring PRO!

    ps, so happy to hear I’m not the only one who’s been away from blogging. xx

  22. Congratulations!
    So happy that you enjoyed your time off!

  23. Congrats on successfully reaching your goals, Abby!! It has been so much fun to follow your journey on instagram…you’ve had an AMAZING summer!! 🙂

  24. runnerbydefault

    Congrats again! Sounds like you had a great summer!

  25. Woot – Congrats! Sounds like you’ve had a great break!

  26. Yeah, congratulations! Super excited for you 🙂 I can’t wait to follow you on this next adventure of pregnancy (and would LOVE to hear all about fitness & pregnancy, etc!).

  27. i was so excited when i saw your bump on IG! congrats. Great job on your goals too friend!

  28. So excited you’re back to blogging!! I loved seeing your bump photo on Instagram, so happy for you Abby! You look adorable and so happy. Great work in reaching your goals… It looks like you accomplished everything and more. I honestly can relate to you because where you are now, is pretty much how I picture things going for me. Doing one more IM in the near future, then focusing on hiking and then maybe starting a family. Thrilled to hear your running injuries have subsided! I’m hoping the same for me as I give myself a break.

    Congratulations again and March 6 is a wonderful day to have a baby. Maybe you will have the baby on March 5 and then your sweetpea and mine will share a birthday!!

  30. Congrats, Abby! I am so excited for you. You are going to be an amazing mama, and I can’t wait to follow your journey. Love that adorable, teeny, tiny bump!! Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy. WOOHOO!!

  31. Wow – welcome back! And congrats! So glad to have your blog active again to read, and looks like the next while will be exciting for you. All the best!

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