Last hike of the season

We headed to the mountains this weekend for one last hurrah before the snow hit! (At least that’s what Kelly desperately hoped since he cannot wait for winter activities!)

My plan was to wake up and trail run on Saturday and then go for a hike. Good thing Kelly kindly reminded me I should choose either the hike or the run since I probably couldn’t do both. Otherwise I’m sure he would have had to carry me down the mountain 🙂

I chose to hike since it’s been a while since we went on a good one. We headed back to Mount Swansea, a hike we did at the very beginning of the year. It’s a perfect shoulder season hike and not nearly as challenging as some we tackled this summer but enough for me to count as a workout.

There was a crazy thick fog that morning, so some of the views were pretty cool since you could only see above a certain level.



the abyss




At the top, the wind was howling. The storms were blowing in.

The hike certainly wasn’t easy for me. I really depended on my hiking poles for the steep sections, and I took quite a few breaks! Since getting pregnant, I huff and puff a lot more when hiking than running.

But it felt SO good to be outside and moving for a substantial amount of time! (I forgot to mention in my last post that only my a handful of my runs and bikes have been over an hour.)

We woke up this morning to a snowy and cold forecast. I think the snow is here to stay!


What did you do this weekend?

19 responses to “Last hike of the season

  1. We are suppose to get snow this week, but our ground is still really warm, so I doubt it will stay around for long. If we are going to have less daylight hours, I’d like to have snow on the ground 🙂 This weekend I played catch up at home since this coming week I have parent teacher conferences every night and I won’t get to do much at home.

  2. Living through you!! I haven’t been on a solid hike since September. Love all your photos!

  3. Glad you didn’t ry to hike and run – the hike sounds great!!! I can’t believe that you already have snow and probably will for the next many months!!!

  4. Those views are incredible!! We won’t get snow here for a while so I’m a tiny bit jealous. Stay warm!

  5. Beautiful hike, Abby! It is crazy that snow is there already. I am sooo not ready for that here!

  6. That last photo is beautiful, but I am just not ready for the snow and cold 😦

  7. Love your pics in the mountains!!! So glad that you guys made it up there before the cold!

  8. We just got our first snow here today! It was 60* F here this morning and dropped dramatically all day. It is going into the teens tonight and staying there all week. What? I was just out in shorts the other day?

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Sounds like the perfect way to end the hiking season. 🙂
    I can’t believe I am about to say this, but BRING ON THE SNOW. I’m sure I’ll be taking it all back in January, but right now I’m pleased with the cooler temps. I wish I had some awesome places to hike like you do though!

  10. Great hike and great pics!!
    I had a good weekend! Laid back. Just recovering and loving sleeping in!!

  11. THOSE MOUNTAINS!! What a great way to end the hiking season and prepare to transition into winter. How long did the hike take and how many miles was the out and back? I love that you are still remaining so active while pregnant. What kind of winter sports do you and Kelly like to do?

    • I think it was about 7 miles out and back? Probably the most I’d try to do at this point versus the longer ones from summer!
      I love to cross-country ski and downhill (but I won’t be able to downhill this year). I snowshoe a bit so plan to do more of that! Kelly also backcountry skis and ice climbs. I’d love to backcountry ski one year, but ice climbing? No thanks!
      What winter sports do you do?

  12. it’s already cold here, so i can imagine it’s FREEZING there but oh so gorgeous. I still need to visit.

  13. So pretty–even the snow!

  14. Love that you are hiking and so active, and wow, those views! It has been 30 degrees here at night and it seems SO cold, I’m not used to it!

  15. I love seeing your hiking photos! The mountains where you are look so different than the ones we hike… much bigger it seems:) What is the elevation where you hike? Good to know you are still hiking while preggo, I think that’s awesome! When I’m pregnant (maybe one day) I hope to be able to still hike. Hiking is the one thing I’m afraid will be difficult to accomplish once a baby comes into the picture.. I’ve heard of so many people saying they had to give it up for a while… 😦 You look awesome by the way!

  16. There’s nothing better than fresh air and moving your body, right?! Beautiful photos, as always 🙂 And, you look fantastic!

  17. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    I love the pic from above the clouds – it’s gorgeous!

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