How was your year of running?

This is the third year I’m linking up with Miss Zippy to look back at my year of running (see my 2013 and 2012 reviews). Head over to her website to check out a bunch of other people’s reviews!


Best race experience?
I participated in four races this year and only three running races: a 10km race on my 30th birthday, a surprise 10 miler in Del Mar, California when we were on holidays, a SUP race this summer, and a trail race on our sixth anniversary.


Del Mar, CA

I loved them all for different reasons, but since this is about my year of running I guess I’d have to say the race on my birthday. It was a small, local race, Kelly ran it with me (instead of ahead of me!), my parents walked the 5k, and my sister and her family unexpectedly came out to cheer!

Passing my parents!

Best run?
Any trail run from this summer was phenomenal.

But, I think my best run was a 10 miler I did in Laguna Beach, CA where I ran along the beaches of Crystal Cove State Park and came across this little cutie. IMG-20140222-00394I remember not wanting to turn back, but I didn’t want to worry Kelly by going for too much longer than I said!

Best new piece of gear?
Remember when I said I am indecisive? I think that comes out in this post! I have two answers for this one.

I bought my Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt at 21 weeks pregnant. It has seemed to really help with the heaviness of my belly as time goes on.

The second item is Japanese Mint Oil. My prenatal acupuncturist recommended it for my aching hips that keep me up at night. According to their site, it helps promote circulation, relieves tight muscles, and is useful in injury rehab among many other benefits. I’ll continue to use it post-pregnancy, too!

Best piece of running advice you received?
I really, really would love to run throughout pregnancy but I think I’m going to have to stop soon.

When I told my girlfriend this she reminded me that it’s such a small blip of time in my running life. I’ve been running for 18 years and hope to do it forever. In the grand scheme of things, taking a few months off  is far from the worst that could happen!

Most inspirational runner?
I have quite a list, but the most inspirational this year have been moms. I love seeing what women are capable of after their world has been completely changed, when they juggle a lot of balls, and still manage to run and stay fit.

A couple professional athletes that top that list are triathlete Beth Gerdes (returned to racing, an Ironman no less, four months after giving birth to her baby girl) and runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce (who is so honest about her body and comeback, #journeywithsteph).

Beth's second Ironman stats…less than seven months after having a baby!

Beth’s second Ironman stats…less than seven months after having a baby!

Otherwise, I read a lot of running blogs written by moms who inspire me in almost every post they write. In no particular order, here are a few of my faves:

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?
Humbling, relaxed, and freeing.

Tell me about your year of running and link up with Miss Zippy! 

26 responses to “How was your year of running?

  1. I love this idea and plan on linking up tomorrow! A 10 miler around Laguna Beach sounds fabulous right about now!

  2. Aww thanks for the shout-out! I am going to check out the other blogs you linked, too. Thanks for posting your year of running! It was fun to look back at your favorites. I think you’re doing GREAT if you made it this far while still running. You will bounce back after the baby is born faster than you think!

  3. Wow already a year!? I remember this post you did last year. Great year of running, and your friend is right about taking a short time off. It will suck while it’s happening, but once it’s done you’ll realize it wasn’t all that hard!

  4. You had some beautiful runs this year! And doing a SUP race is awesome!

    As to running through pregnancy–I did until the very end w/ both kids, but you know what? I don’t think I should have. My bladder control (esp. while running!) is ruined and I think it just all around stretched out my pelvic floor muscles. You will bounce back really quickly, trust me, so go with what feels right for you.

    Thanks for the shout out and thanks for linking in!

  5. Oh, thank you for linking me in your list of running moms!!!
    You are going to be a running mom soon!! I remember having to stop running in my first pregnancy – I didn’t want to but my DR told me to. Like you said, it is very temporary and for such a great reason!!!

  6. It is so much fun to look back over the year at some of the best experiences! I’ll do this soon and link up as well 😉

  7. you are amazing! love those local races. and big props to beth! she is amazing too!

  8. Great year!! I wish you had pictures of your SUP race!
    3 words: I ran. I baked. I traveled!
    I still can’t believe that I ran 3 marathons and did an Ironman. Craziness but good crazy!!!

  9. races with family are so great. i would love to do a SUP race. cheers to a whole new season of being a running mama in 2015!

  10. I promise I won’t clutter your blog like I do you IG. abby but i just had to comment how amazing it is that all you fabulous ladies keep running and staying so fit during pregnancy and raising children! wow kudos to you! xo mom

  11. I may have to link up with you ladies on this one! This was definitely a year of incredible running experiences for me. ☺ I love how your year of running transitioned once you were pregnant, and now you are getting to teach us all about running while pregnant. It’s so helpful to learn about others’ experiences with this.

    If I could sum up my year, I would say that I re-discovered my body and experienced a lot of personal achievements.

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  13. Awesome post!!!
    I didn’t have the most exciting or successful year of running in terms of races but I did love every time I hit the trail and am thankful for the peace of mind I got throughout a busy year from running.

    For equipment, I got a new winter running hat from Lulu and the neck warmer and they are truly the BEST!

  14. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    Awww, I’m touched that you include me in your list of favorite blogs – thanks! I linked up with Miss Zippy last year, and will do it again this year. It’s such an organized and fun way to recap our running year (and would we expect anything less from Amanda)!

    I love the variety of races you did, and that they weren’t all running. I’m still looking forward to giving SUP a try!

  15. What a great year! it will be exciting to see how you incorporate your active lifestyle with the little one!

  16. Sounds like a great year. I hope your 2015 is even better!

  17. YOU are an inspirational runner, Abby! Kudos to you for running through your pregnancy (I think giving up triathlon is what I’m fear most when I do have kids… is that selfish?!)! Can’t wait to see you running next year, babe in tow 🙂

  18. Thanks for the shout out, Abby! What a year you had! Looking forward to continuing to follow your pregnancy and eventual baby news. Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best in 2015.


    I’m glad you’ve had a great year 🙂
    Young moms who run and manage to balance the rest of their lives, too, are such an inspiration to me.
    Stephanie Bruce helps with TRF sometimes. She’s just as down to earth in person as she comes across in her writing.
    Here’s to a wonderful 2015!

  20. I wish I’d seen this earlier … Although I supposeI could still steal it! Better late than never!

    What a great year … It’s crazy to think that it was nearly a year ago that you were in CA and we went for that walk!

    And I agree – Beth is an inspiration!

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