Running {and workouts} through pregnancy – second trimester

I realize I should kind of write these as time goes by instead of trying to remember after that fact (I’m just past 28 weeks/seven months). I did write some crib notes throughout the trimester, and I tracked all my workouts, so at least I can remember some of it properly!

The second trimester is from week 14-27. Man, does the beginning of that seem like a long time ago!


I’ll keep the same outline as I did for the first trimester update. I’ll talk about running first and then the other exercise I kept up.

Of note, my longest run was 1:10 with most around 45 minutes. I haven’t used my Garmin since February, and that was just for holidays runs. Essentially I haven’t used it since Ironman Canada in summer 2013!

So needless to say I didn’t know my pace for a long time, which I think is the best way to run: by feel. On my treadmill runs as of late, I’ve definitely slowed but by less than expected.

What felt good?
In all honesty, not a lot felt good about running after week 19! I ran twice a week until week 17 and then dropped down to once a week, with some weeks of no running.

In week 17 I ran a 12km/7.5 mile trail race. I took it easy and barely breathed heavy. In retrospect, I’m sure I could’ve run a lot harder. But I wanted to play it safe with both the tripping factor and pushing it. I think my biggest success was that I didn’t stop to pee during the race 🙂 Although I didn’t run hard, I was still pretty fatigued the next day.


The race fell on our anniversary, and I hope we can make it an annual event!

The other thing that fits the ‘feeling good’ category is my Gabrialla support belt. I got it in week 21 and noticed a huge difference in comfort of my belly. It completely supported it and just felt right. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is running while pregnant. (Of note, I got a sized up and it fits really well.)

What was different?
There isn’t really anything new to add to this column. I still pee a lot more than normal, am a lot thirstier during and after, and need to eat before a morning run. (My record high is six pees on a six mile treadmill run!)

What didn’t feel good?
Week 19 was where running started to fall apart for me. I would get really bad hip flexor/groin pain at the end of a long run. It would last for the remainder of the day. Kelly and I went for a long trail run during week 19 and I had to walk the last km, and then I couldn’t walk for the rest of the day without serious limping.

Two weeks later I successfully ran but afterwards had bad back pain, and the next day my groin/pelvic area was extremely sore.

This is kind of how it’s been going ever since. I should really stop running but the stubborn part of me doesn’t want to yet.

During week 22 I knew I couldn’t run after a couple minutes and then the next week felt good. During week 24 I had to stop after 10 minutes because of serious back cramps (something totally new to me).

Week 25 was another upswing. I ran two days in a row, which I haven’t done in a really long time! They were both on the trails, so I went nice and slow. Surprisingly, I felt a lot better on the uphill than the down!

Since then running has been touch and go. I’ve limited my max run distance to 5 miles/8 km and that seems to be a sweet spot. Nothing hurts while running, and afterwards, at that distance, my groin/pelvic area doesn’t hurt.

I *may* try running once a week until it acts up again. At that point, I think I should force myself to stop.

I don’t want to continue running to stay in shape or to bounce back into running faster afterwards. I just honestly love it and don’t want to go so long without it (the remainder of pregnancy and then however long afterwards). But, if it’ll do me more harm than good I need to stop.

Everything else
I biked a lot this trimester, all on my trainer. I don’t remember exactly when, but we propped a foam roller on my handlebars when it started to get uncomfortable to lean over.


Awesome solution, and essentially free since we already had it!

I ride a steady pace, and I still do some interval workouts too. It feels good to breathe a little! My longest bike ride has been 45 minutes this trimester. And that’s more than enough!

Other than that, I’m keeping up my strength training, incorporating some strength/cardio circuits into my routine each week, and doing Tracey Andersen prenatal DVDs every couple of weeks.

I got in a few awesome hikes, mostly at the beginning of the trimester. One weekend we hiked over 20 miles but that was absolutely all I did that weekend!

Floe Lake

On the last true hike we went on, I really tired on the way down and despite wearing my support belt, my stomach was very heavy.

I continued with yoga once a week, and in the last few weeks I practiced 2-3 times a week.

I’ve also been lucky enough to cross-country ski a few times!


Twice was on holidays and then I went once here at home. Unfortunately I started to feel the same pain as when I run, so I cut my last ski short.

Overall I’ve been keeping up my weekly workout sessions (five or six days a week) but they are much shorter and with a lot less intensity.

I can tell you that in the third trimester this will definitely decrease as time goes on. I’m starting to feel more fatigued (not sleeping well…at all). And I’m really starting to notice the extra weight. I don’t really know what I weighed when I got pregnant, but I would estimate I’ve gained 20 pounds already. That feels like quite a difference with everything except biking and yoga!

 If you worked out/ran through pregnancy, feel free to chime in with tips, suggestions, how you felt, etc! 

If you have any questions, let me know!

37 responses to “Running {and workouts} through pregnancy – second trimester

  1. You’re doing just great! And you look so darn cute. I think you’re playing it really smart and truly listening to your body. And before you know it–it will be all over and you’ll be pushing a little one in a baby jogger! Keep up the good work.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, YOU are AMAZING. You also LOOK amazing, and like nothing has changed except a belly pop!! LOVE LOVE LOVE keep it up and let that active spirit soar!

  3. Congrats on keeping up with the workouts through pregnancy! The foam roller on the handle bars is a fantastic idea…genius!! 🙂

  4. I had the same thing happen during my second pregnancy. I ran until 18 weeks and then had to give it up – too much SI joint problems and hip flexor problems. I even wore a maternity brace during both pregnancies the pain was that bad! I did a lot of yoga with my pregnancies. Two years later I am still have SI joint problems but have managed to work on my hip flexors daily. I went to physiotherapy for some exercises to do during pregnancy with my hips/SI joint/hip flexor area.
    Love the two pictures – you’re belly is so cute!

  5. Your baby bump is SO cute! You look absolutely beautiful and haven’t changed at all aside from having a small human in your belly. 🙂 Keep up the great work. I am so impressed that you are able to stay so active while pregnant. This gives a girl hope! Good luck in your third trimester – I know there will likely be many changes as you prepare for your little one to arrive!!

  6. Foam roller on the handlebars is genius!!! I love yoga, so I’d recommend giving that a try, some classes can be so slow that they feel boring, but if you have a teacher who understands that you’re a runner, they should be able to keep you moving and interested.

  7. I am loving following your journey! You are doing such a great job and look incredible!

  8. Great update. I’m sure this will really help others that become pregnant and wonder about working out. Sounds like the most important thing you are doing is listening to your body. Good advice for those that are pregnant or not! I hope the 3rd trimester goes well for you.

  9. You look super cute – love the baby bump!!!
    Glad you are listening to your body and taking it easy or scaling back when you need to – just a temporary thing:)

  10. You are such an inspiration to moms-to-be everywhere! I am definitely sharing this post around…so much great information here! Also you are the most adorable pregnant person ever. 🙂

    I didn’t run while pregnant, but I was working out regularly and things started getting much harder for me around week 20 as well. Then I had a similar upswing and then started to scale back again. At week 35 she dropped and I could barely walk on the treadmill without having to pee every 3 minutes. It’s all about listening to your body and taking it easy where you can.

  11. You are so incredible!! Seriously… I have never heard of ANYONE running as much as you have during pregnancy. You look amazing and I cannot wait for the little one to come into this world!!

  12. I think it’s really awesome that you workout even when you’re pregnant!:) I always get so happy when I see pregnant people at the gym where I work, or someone comes to workout and they just had a baby a couple weeks earlier – so awesome!^^
    Keep ut the good work, and gold luck with the third trimester!:)

  13. This is awesome! I know it’s challenging, but you’re doing great. And I know all your fitness endeavors will really come in handy during childbirth. Be glad that you’re in such good shape for that strenuous event!

  14. i hope i am as strong as you when i (hopefully) get pregnant. Can you come teach me? i’ll feed you! haha

  15. First off, you look amazing! Kudos to you for staying so active throughout your pregnancy. As for after baby is born–I bet you’ll bounce back faster than you think. Within a few weeks everything will probably be okay. Of course it depends on a lot of things like C-section vs. natural and stitches vs. none. I had a vaginal birth w/ lots of stitches and I’d say I was good to go in about 3 weeks. Honestly the first time around my boobs hurt the worst. LOL! I’m so not used to having those.

  16. You are adorable and so impressed with how active you are staying! I love hearing all about it 🙂

  17. Holy smokes!! You are getting there!! You are so cute with that pregnant belly! You finally popped out!! 🙂 Sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the short work outs as long as possible. I have heard that is great for the delivery!! I was wondering how you were still biking but putting the foam roller on the handbags! Genius!!
    The baby will be here before you know it!!!!! 🙂

  18. I hear you on running for the love of running! It is tough to take a break and I’m sure difficult not knowing how you will feel each week. You are a huge inspiration to me! I don’t know what I will do if I am one day pregnant but seeing your TM pics gives me hope that I hopefully I will be running too!

  19. You look fabulous and are such an inspiration! Thank you for showing that staying active is totally doable during pregnancy 🙂 All that snow makes me want to get out for some skiing, too… we finally have some here, so hope to get out this week. Hope your final trimester is healthy and happy!


    It sounds like you’re trying to remain active while you listen closely to your body. That seems like the best choice! You look fabulous 🙂 Congrats to you and Kelly!!

  21. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    You look adorable! I ran through the early part of my pregnancies, but switched to walking as soon as I felt my body telling me to.

    Happy New Year!

  22. I have never been pregnant, but I love how active you’ve been able to stay. This is the first time I stumbled across your blog – saw that you’re an IronMan aficionado! My first (70.3) is in August. Why are the nerves already here? Ha, anyway best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  23. Catching up on your blog – Im impressed with your dedication to fitness! I hope to do something similar to what you’re doing when the time comes – same frequency of workouts just shorter duration and intensity. It keeps us exercise addicts sane!

    As as everyone else said – you look great! Keep the updates coming!

  24. I can’t believe you are in the third trimester already! Time sure flies. And I am just about halfway through mine. Running IS hard. I feel like I have a ton of extra weight on me, even though I haven’t even really started to gain that much yet. I tried prenatal yoga last night which was nice, but not much of a workout per say 🙂

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