Weeks fly by

Now that I’m not working, I don’t keep track of time in Monday-Friday workweek and weekends format, counting down days until the next holiday.

I now look at my life in terms of weeks. Jasper is 14 weeks old, I’ve been back running for seven weeks now, another week until we are back in the mountains, etc.

With that being said, it’s hard to believe it’s taken me six weeks to write a blog post. I have lots of ideas for them but just don’t take the time to sit and write. It’s a good thing since I’m enjoying my time being a mama! But I do miss writing.

I’m also still really enjoying running!! Stroller runs are so much fun since I’m a proud mom, and running in the wind or pushing a stroller uphill is hopefully making me a lot stronger! We ‘run’ errands, and I like doing that since it gives me a little break partway! Just today we ran to the library to return some books.

I’ve been lucky to spend more time in the mountains and have gone on a few amazing trail runs and a few mountain bike rides.

Trail running
The trail running has been kicking my butt. I went on my longest run of 1 hour, 10 minutes on the trails a couple weekends ago. The trails I took have a lot of elevation change. By time I finished I was seriously going a snail’s pace. But, man did it feel good!

The last couple runs I’ve felt fatigued. I’m chalking it up to lack of quality sleep.

I’m still running Garminless and on the trails I have no idea how far I go. I like it this way! No comparisons or pushing myself. For now I’m still really loving running just to run. (However, I know how long it took me to run up this one hill and pregnant I could run up it in 16 minutes…two weeks ago it was still taking me 16 minutes!)

On my favourite run a couple weeks ago, I ran 45 minutes on the trails and ended at the hot springs for a soak. It would be pretty amazing to get to do that after every run 🙂

Mountain biking
I think I only mountain biked twice last year. Since I can’t run every day (my body won’t allow it) I want to work on my mountain bike skills. I love to ride but would much prefer to ride on the trails than a busy highway or road.

My first ride back was daunting. I’m always a cautious rider but even more so after taking a lot of time away from it. I am more confident with each ride I take. I’ll never be a fast rider or choose technical trails over easier ones, but it’s a lot of fun to just be out there.


I also got a pair of Pearl Izumi shoes specific for cycling (without having to be clipped in) and it’s made a big difference!

On Mother’s Day we packed up my inflatable SUP board and went to the lake. Kelly took Harold and Jasper for a walk while I had a peaceful hour on a quiet lake with stunning mountain views.

I don’t think I’ll get to SUP much this summer so it sure was nice to paddle around.

Life is moving right along. Jasper is over 14-weeks-old and just amazing. At this age it’s crazy how quickly he changes is size and development. He’s smiling a ton and it still melts my heart every time. We took him swimming for the first time on Mother’s Day weekend. I hope to start taking him more; I want him to be a water baby!

Harold turns eight-years-old next week! Unfortunately we’ve noticed a big difference in his energy levels from last summer. He tires quickly and isn’t handling heat as well either. Luckily we won’t be going on long hikes this summer so he won’t be left out!

Harold on a short hike two weeks ago!

Harold on a short hike two weeks ago!

Lets hear a life update from you!

14 responses to “Weeks fly by

  1. I think everything you are doing sounds pretty fantastic! Love that you are spending some quality time on the trails, and love to hear that you are enjoying being a mama! Keep it up!

  2. Awesome lady!! I wish we had trails around here (longer than 2 miles) with some elevation change that challenges me. I would also LOVE to have those mountain bike trails…BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE SUP, but haven’t invested in my own board yet…something I definitely want to do after IM 😉

  3. The runs will keep getting easier for you:) I’m like you though – my body doesn’t allow me to run every day.
    Hard to believe Jasper is 14 weeks already!!

  4. I love reading this and hearing about your life as a new mom. I think about you often and am so happy to see you writing again on the blog. More posts, please! ☺

    Glad to hear you are running around town, mountain biking the beautiful trails, and paddling the water… all the things you love to do. I was wondering how much sleep would be an issue when reintroducing activities into your daily routine. I have heard that lack of sleep is the biggest obstacle. You seem to be balancing everything really well.

    Keep it up, mama!!!

  5. Thanks for the update!! Glad to hear you’re running and staying active and loving mommyhood!

  6. Yay!! It sounds like you are doing so well!! So great to hear from you! Hopefully Jasper is sleeping well so you can too!! 🙂
    I am doing well…just training and working! Livin the dream!

  7. Thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing. I’m glad to hear you’re still finding time to be active despite being a busy working momma!

  8. I just cannot believe he’s 14 weeks already. Time flies by SO fast with these sweet littles! Oh and pushing a stroller up hills is strength training like none other!!! I love that you love being a mom so much. ❤

  9. So glad you gave us some news! I was wondering how you were doing. That’s great you managed to get back to running and are enjoying it watch-free. It’s good to remember that we love running just for what it is. No need for speed or comparison or pushing too hard. Do you have any plans for future challenges? Just wondering.

  10. You’re doing great, mama! I’m glad you’re getting time to hit the trails, whether on wheels or on foot. It’s such a great reset button. And I remember when my old dog Connor first starting slowing down–it’s kind of hard to see. But we all adjusted and made sure he was still part of the activities, like you are doing!

  11. It’s great to hear how you’re doing, and it sounds like you’re getting some fun workouts in. I’ve still not tried SUP’ing, but hope to this summer!

  12. I really want to try SUP and SUP yoga.
    No big updates! I have tons of wedding stuff I need to do : )

  13. Oh, so glad that life is going well and that’s you’re loving mamahood (I have no doubt… you are a wonderful mama, too!). Great update! How is Jasper 14 weeks already?! The days are long, but the years are short, right?! 🙂 The hot springs… incredible! Guessing they have some therapeutic benefits similar to an epsom soak?

  14. When I was pregnant and when my son was bitty, I got SO tired of people telling me how fast it goes, but now that he’s 13 months, I find myself saying it all the time. Looks like you’ve been getting in some quality work outs and baby time! I do all my runs and walks with the stroller and I feel like having him makes me work harder.

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