My name’s Abby, and I love almost all things fitness.

I got my personal training certification a couple years ago, but my true passion is running. I’ve been running for 18 years and have no plans to stop!

In 2010, my husband and I caught the triathlon bug and competed in our first races—a half Ironman and full Ironman.

I work full time in public relations/corporate communications.

I’m a new mom to baby Jasper who was born in February 2015. He’s the light of our lives and I love being at home with him!

baby jasper 39

My running love story
I started running competitively in grade 8, competing in track, cross-country, and the occasional road race. I continued for the next five years. I ran one year in university before realizing how much I hated competition!

I quit racing and continued to run five days a week for pure pleasure. I still ran maybe two road races a year, but the pressure was off. I ran my first half marathon in Arizona in 2001 at the age of 18.

I met my husband in 2003 and started racing again once he started to love running. We ran our first marathon together in 2004 on my 20th birthday (the inaugural Rock’n’Roll Arizona.) Although I loved to run we didn’t train properly and it took five years for us to run another one!

One summer we bought road bikes and loved riding. My husband planted the Ironman seed in my head and we decided to dive headfirst into triathlons signing up for Calgary 70.3 and Ironman Arizona in 2010.

Since then we’ve ran a handful of races including Ironman Canada in 2012 and Ironman Coeur d’Alene and Ironman Canada Whistler in 2013.

Change of Pace

Every year we seem to change things up and keep it interesting. The pace is constantly changing, and we’re always seeking adventure!

Here’s my way of chronicling our adventures in fitness and life.

*Disclaimer: The information on Change of Pace is provided to share my passion for running, fitness, and adventure. I do not have medical or nutritional training. Although I am a certified personal trainer, the content you see on my blog aims to bring you along on my journey. If you have any questions about your health, seek advice from a professional.

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  1. I know this is a random place to post this, but I just read all of your IMAZ posts and it was such an inspiration! You did an amazing job!!

  2. Hey! I nominated you for The Inspiring Blog Award! Check out this link for all the rules: http://culturecopia.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/the-inspiring-blog-award-7-things-about-myself/

  3. I ran the Disney Marathon last year too! Are you doing it this year? 20th Anniversary of the race!

  4. Very nice Picture

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