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Weekend camping in Radium

We spent the past two weekends camping, hiking, and just enjoying the mountains. It certainly is hard to come home when you’re surrounded by this beauty!


We’ve been going to Radium Hot Springs, a small village on the edge of Kootenay National Park in the Rocky Mountains in BC. The weather is typically a lot warmer there than our beloved Jasper, so it has been nice to hike in shorts!

Two other things stand out: the varied flora and fauna, and all the bighorn sheep! I think they’re Radium’s unofficial mascot, and they can be seen nearly everywhere from the trails to walking the streets.


On the first weekend, we went on two very different hikes. One was a typical mountain hike that started at Sinclair Creek and went up and up! We ended at the hot springs but had Harold with us so didn’t go for a dip…this time!


The second day we did a short hike around the hoodoos near Fairmont. I was terrified of going close to the edge, but Kelly had no fear!


This past weekend we went on two more gorgeous hikes. On Saturday we went to Mount Swansea, which is a downhill biker’s dream! They also have hiking trails. We ended up taking the long way up, but I’m glad we did as it was longer (got my sweat going) and had various lookouts!


We saw a bunch of hang/paragliders, and at the top we saw the launch pad. My stomach felt weak watching them floating in the air!


The next day Kelly went for a trail run in the morning; yup, my heart was broken! Then we went on a walk close to town along the creek. Harold was pretty tired, so it was nice to walk mostly flat ground. And my quads were trashed from coming back down the mountain!


The bears are out in full force. On our drive on Friday we saw a bear rubbing his scent on a tree, and one crossed the road right in front of us! They had a lot of hikes temporarily closed while the bears are predominately in the valley bottoms.

I can’t wait to get back out to the mountains and explore more of the area! I know Harold’s excited, too!


Are you afraid of heights?

New Orleans, Jasper and a big birthday

I was in New Orleans for a few days last week. I loved the culture, vibrancy, and history of the city!



I walked endless miles through the French Quarter and Garden District, went on a ghost tour, drank a couple Hurricanes on Bourbon Street, and had my tarot cards read.



I think I ate my weight in baked goods. It’s a good thing I returned to running there!



I’m definitely making Kelly come back with me one day. That southern city charmed me!

Jasper and Kelly’s 30!

I got home from NO on Thursday and within an hour of getting home we were out the door to Jasper for a long weekend. It was Kelly’s 30th birthday and he wanted to celebrate with a quiet weekend in Jasper with Harold and me.


We hiked 17km (over 10 miles) and climbed 1,200m (almost 4,000 ft). My glutes and calves paid for it!

The views from the top were amazing, and it looked even nicer since we worked hard to see it!



The next day we went on a trail run/walk depending on what Harry could manage. Sometimes that was sprinting and other times it was plodding!



It was so hot they actually reached record temperatures on Friday.

After 20+ miles of walking, running, and climbing in heat for two days Harold was done for. Inevitably he needed to be carried and totally passed out! People in town thought he was pretty cute.


I loved celebrating Kelly’s 30th outside, in Jasper, doing what we love!



How do you celebrate birthdays: big parties or something smaller? 

Ever been to New Orleans? What’s your favourite thing about the city?

Second camping trip of the season

We had another fantastic weekend in Jasper. I got in a memorable bike ride and trail run. More importantly, I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with my husband and pup in a place we all love.


We got to our campsite on Thursday evening and sat around the fire before calling it a night.

On Friday morning, I hopped on my bike to tackle Maligne Lake Road. (It’s one of my favourite rides along with one we did earlier this year.)

This road is stunning, surrounded by giant mountains and passing by beautiful Medicine Lake. It’s also uphill most of the way to the lake, climbing over 1,000 metres or 3,300 feet! It was a tough ride but the breathtaking beauty cancelled it out.


Maligne Lake is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jasper, so it’s always fun to stand around and listen to the various accents from international travellers!

Once I made it to the lake, I stopped for a photo and some food before enjoying the descent. I saw a bear on the way down and was brave enough to stop for a minute. I debated pulling out my camera but rethought the idea and got out of there!


Kelly and Harold hiked near Maligne Lake so they could check on me on the way up. They went on a beautiful hike and saw two moose swimming and playing in the water!


Once we all got back to camp, we went into Jasper town to go on another hike. We did part of the Saturday Night Lake Loop.


We walked by two beautiful lakes, through some forest, and were rewarded with views of the valley.


By this time, my legs were toast and I was soaked in sweat so we went back to camp for supper where we relaxed and read by the fire for the rest of the night.

On Saturday, it was Kelly’s turn for a day of biking so he headed out nice and early on his mountain bike to hit the trails hard with a friend.


Harold and I enjoyed a relaxing morning reading by the river and hanging out at camp. He was absolutely exhausted after his big day on Friday!


I even found some time to stretch my tired body in the perfect yoga location of a little clearing surrounded by trees.

Kelly came back and we wanted to hike again, but Harold wouldn’t have it. So instead we walked around Jasper popping into shops.  It was hot, so we ate supper by the river. I was tired and asleep early only to be awoken by the most calming sound of rain. Camping sleeps are always great, but add raindrops falling and they’re even better!

On Sunday morning we planned on going for a family trail run but decided it would be too hard on Harold. So I laced up my sneakers and hit the trails for almost 10 miles of bliss. Most of my run was alongside the river with views of the mountains all around.

On the way back, I saw Kelly and Harold who were out for a little walk. Kelly took some ‘rave run’ photos of me on my favourite trails!


It was a fantastic way to cap off an amazing weekend of outdoor fun. I can’t wait until we go back!

Where is your favourite hike? What do you like better: road cycling, mountain biking, or trail running?

First camping trip of the season a success!

We snuck out to Jasper National Park this weekend for our first camping trip of the summer. Although it was the beginning of May in the mountains, we couldn’t have asked for better weather!


We didn’t manage to go skiing there (or anywhere for that matter) this winter, so we were overdue for a visit.

Harold goes seriously snaky when we get to Jasper! He sticks his head out the window or gets as close to the window as he can so he can spot wildlife and smell the mountain air.

We saw tons of wildlife as soon as we entered the park and all weekend long!


After dinner and a walk, I was exhausted and ready for bed. I think Thursday’s bike and Friday’s work really did me in!

We woke up on Saturday with the plan of combining a trail run and hike. We didn’t know how long Harold would last on the run, so we took along his Croozer.


We needed wider trails without too many roots and rocks so ran behind the town of Jasper, up to Patricia and Pyramid Lakes on the bike trails.


I forget how much I adore the trails, and especially running on them. You’re surrounded by nature, the surface is soft, and the run is always a challenge.

We ended up running for just over 10 miles. Harold was a champ and ran for probably nine of the 10! Kelly was also a champ for pushing the Croozer most of the way!


Harold runs better if he’s chasing me, so this is what we look like…a little crazy but at least we’re out there!


Some people definitely do a double take when they realize there is no child in the stroller.

We stopped for some snacks at Pyramid Lake, continued on for a little, then turned to make the trek back to town.


On the way back, I tripped on something and fell. Hard. It involved a somersault/roll, about nine feet from fall to landing, and a prickly bush. Kelly thought I seriously hurt myself, Harold pounced to make sure I was ok, and I laugh/cried about my klutziness.

Thankfully, I was completely ok. (Just a little embarrassed!)

Once we got back to Jasper, we did our typical loop before heading back to camp and roasting veggie dogs over the fire. Ahhh…camp food!

We capped off our ideal day with another little hike to the river.

We call this place Harold Beach since we come almost every time we’re in Jasper. It’s usually pretty secluded, and Harold loves running on the sand and lapping up the river water.


It was interesting to see how dry the river is since there hasn’t been much spring run-off. In a few weeks/months, this river will be raging!

Do you see our three shadows?

Do you see our three shadows?

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Although we didn’t train as much as we should have, it was so good for the soul to get out there!

I can’t wait for more mountain trips this summer.

Do you camp? What’s your favourite campfire food?