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Wednesday web links – warmups, race transfers, beaches & the office

I haven’t shared any interesting links/reads with you guys in forever! Here are a few sites that caught my eye lately.

Best warmup
I’ve been having serious issues with my left leg (from the top down)! I went and saw another physio therapist last week, and he thinks by strengthening my hips and loosening my calf muscles I should be ok.

He also gave me an awesome warmup to do, which will really help to open my hips and prepare my legs for a workout.

It’s actually from Lesley Paterson, the bad-ass beauty who races (and often wins) XTERRA events. It takes 10 minutes and focuses on dynamic stretching.

Ironman transfer program
One of the scariest things about signing up for an Ironman (in my opinion) is not knowing if you’ll make it to the start line. Will you get injured? Will life events come up preventing you from participating? An Ironman is not a cheap entry fee ($750+), and it would be a hard pill to swallow to lose it.



(Thank you KT tape for helping me get to two big finish lines last year!!)

I was so happy to read Ironman has implemented a North American transfer pilot program. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s an awesome step in the right direction, allowing people to transfer Ironman races or move down to a 70.3! Read the fine print for all the details.

(The Challenge Family offers a decent cancellation policy and is growing a ton!)

Best beaches
I’m a beach lover through and through. The tables at our wedding were actually beach names of places we’ve visited together.

We’ve only been to two of Tripadvisor’s best beaches, so it looks like we need to plan a few beach vacations!


Whitehaven Beach, Australia in 2004

Office plants
I’ve had a few different plants at work, all of which die in my care. I want to get another one and remembered an old article I read, The 6 Best Plants for a Healthy Office, from Men’s Health.

I have direct sunlight, so I’m thinking peppermint since they say it’s easy to care for!

Do you do a proper warmup before a workout? What’s your favourite beach? 

Wednesday web links – Kona crazy, listening to your body & don’t forget the sunscreen!

KONA – Ironman World Championships
In the marathon world, it’s race month. In the triathlon world, it’s KONA time! Kona is Ironman’s iconic event and world championship where the best of the best come to win.

On her way to breaking the Ironman record at Arizona in 2010.

Chrissie Wellington on her way to breaking the Ironman record at Arizona in 2010.

Not only do I incessantly check the live blog and feed on race day, but I also love the excitement leading up to the big race from Twitter and Instagram feeds to various websites.

The Triathlete Magazine website has great coverage, videos, and photos. Bike fans will drool over the pro’s top of line bike set ups, while I love seeing their muscles work overtime on the run (check out day 11).

I highly recommend tuning in online on Saturday to see incredible athletes courageously competing under intense conditions and putting it all on the line.

Before you do, check out the 101 things you need to know before the 2013 World Championships.

Who are your top picks to win?

Listen to your body
I think athletes do a very good job of knowing their body and reading its cues when something feels off. I know I’m very in tune with my body and can tell when a niggle will lead to injury, when I’m getting sick, or when something is just off.

However, just because I’m in tune with my body doesn’t mean I listen to it. I’m trying to get better at this and these links are a great reminder.

I’m a bit late in the game to one of these stories, but just because it’s a bit outdated doesn’t mean it’s not a great lesson.

Jenny Fletcher, pro triathlete and model, faced a life-threatening setback earlier this year when doctor’s found her lungs filled with blood clots. Read her account of it here and remember… listen to your body!

Another piece of evidence to listen to your body…Aussie triathlete and blogger, Lucy (Pipe Down Piper), just wrote about her experience while lying in a hospital bed in a cardiac ward.

Are you good at listening to your body?

Practice sun safety
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave (and never leave) you know the dangers of spending prolonged periods of time in the sun.

If you’re an endurance athlete, it’s unavoidable. Of course you can wear sunscreen, put on a hat, and buy UV clothing. But, it’s not always convenient and it doesn’t necessarily protect you for an extended amount of time.

Leanda Cave, last year’s 70.3 and Ironman world champ, was diagnosed with skin cancer in February. She’s taken measures to better protect herself including waking up earlier to workout before the sun comes up and using indoor facilities when possible.

How do you practice sun safety when working out in the sun?
After getting a baaaad burn at Ironman Coeur d’Alene I was a lot more careful this summer, wearing lots of SPF and even running in a UV shirt.

Wednesday web links – trail running on my mind

My mind has been on trails after our camping trip to Jasper a few weeks ago. I went out to the river valley last week to run. And I am constantly dreaming of signing up for an ultra trail race next summer.


Have you seen Runner’s Ramble’s/Aron’s or Wandirtlust’s/Jojo’s Instagram feeds? Drool worthy. It makes me want to pack our bags (and Harold), load up a vehicle and head to the coast right now.

I’ve mentioned my awe of Kilian Jornet, the Spanish trail running and ski mountaineering phenomenon with mesmerizing running style. Trail Running magazine has an excerpt from his book, Run or Die, due out in July. Completely inspiring.

“Winning isn’t about finishing in first place. It isn’t about beating the others. It is about overcoming yourself. Overcoming your body, your limitations, and your fears. Winning means surpassing yourself and turning your dreams into reality.”

– Kilian Jornet

Speaking of trail races, check out this listing for running vacations in Western Canada.


If you ever needed an excuse to check out our mountains, this might be it!


Do you trail run, hike, or mountain bike? Where is your favourite trail?

Wednesday web links – Ironman news and fun bikes

I haven’t posted any interesting links in a long time! Two are Ironman related- can you tell what’s on my mind lately?!

The Physiology of an Ironman – Read about what really goes on inside a person’s body when they’re racing an Ironman, from start to finish. My favourite sentence is from the run explanation, “Just when you think there’s no way you could possibly run a marathon, another burst of adrenaline runs through your body when you hear the crowd.”


I’ve only done two Ironmans, but I can definitely relate to that sentence!

Pure Fix Cycles – These bikes look super fun. Did I mention they’re glow in the dark? There are four options in the glow series, so you can choose how much glow you want!  If you’re not in the market for a new bike, you can also buy glow in the dark wheel sets.

Ironman Coeur d’Alene forgoing mass swim start? – I first read about possible changes to the swim start a couple weeks ago and then found this article dating back to February.

I can’t find any conclusive information on whether Ironman Coeur d’Alene will have a mass swim start or waves. I guess we’ll have to wait until the Athlete Guide comes out in a few weeks.

Also, I’m not sure how I would feel about a wave start. I was incredibly nervous for both an in-water start (Arizona) and a beach start (Canada), but I think mass starts are part of the excitement and craziness of triathlon.

That being said, safety is obviously a priority for Ironman and for racers. I was hit in the face and kicked really hard during the AZ swim, and I’m sure that’s getting off easy! I’ll be interested to see the decision, and the logistics if it is a wave start.

Mass start at IMAZ 2010.

Mass start at IMAZ 2010.

Have you read anything interesting lately?

What do you think of a wave start versus mass start?

Wednesday web links – ITU Grand Final and Pro Cycling tour coming to town!

I haven’t posted any links in a long time! Two are exciting sports news and the third is a good reminder/warning for travellers, especially those that run destination races.

ITU Grand Final

On Monday, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) named Edmonton the host city for the ITU World Championships Grand Final in September 2014. Edmonton has hosted nine world cup triathlon events in the last 10 years. With another world cup event this summer and a few changes to the swim lake, the City should be ready to roll come 2014!

I can’t wait to watch the race and be on the lookout for all the athletes in the days leading up to the big event!


(Click on photo for credit.)

It sure would be nice for Paula Findlay to be in top-notch condition for a hometown race!

Tour of Alberta

We’re getting another world-class sporting event: the Tour of Alberta! Our province will host the newest pro-cycling event on the international cycling circuit from Sept. 3-8, 2013.


It will be a six-stage race, starting in Edmonton. The UCI sanctioned the Tour of Alberta as a 2.1 race, making it the highest level pro-cycling event in Canada. As a 2.1 race, up to half could include Pro Tour Teams. The race will be an annual event, changing routes each year.

Although it’s not the Tour de France and never will be, you better believe the hubby and I will be out there cheering like crazy!

Runners and blood clots

Lastly, my husband forwarded me a great article, Runners and Blood Clots: What You Need to Know, from Runner’s World. It’s a first person account of how a fit, frequent flyer developed blood clots from travelling. It’s nice and timely with our upcoming lengthy flights. The author, Jenny Hadfield, includes signs and symptoms and prevention strategies. Her best tip: listen to your body.

Have you watched an international sporting event? What’s your favourite sport to watch live?

Wednesday’s web links – IM win, cycling strong, and staying safe

Whew- I’m back to the land of the living after a horrendous flu. Over a week later, I’m still weak, tired and itching for a sweat session…hopefully tomorrow.

Since I haven’t been able to work out, I’ve been reading about it through blogs, Pinterest, and magazines!

  1. After three second place finishes in a row, Linsey Corbin took the crown at Ironman Arizona a couple weekends ago. In her race recap, she does a great job of explaining the mental side to her race. I absolutely love her and was so happy to see another win under her belt after an amazing year with a win at IM Austria this summer and another top 10 Kona finish. Watch her race video to the end…it brought tears to my eyes.
  2. I pinned a Triathlete magazine article the other day. It’s five tips to Eliminate your cycling weaknesses by training outside your comfort zone. I’ve mentioned before that nearly all my workouts are at the same pace and cadence, regardless of how long I’m riding. I think I’ll test these workouts on my trainer this off-season to push myself a little, specifically the cadence session.
  3. I found this last article through STUFT mama’s post. Running for Bling was out on a run and was assaulted. Have a read, make note of her 10 tips, and stay safe out there whether you’re running, walking the dog, or simply walking to and from your vehicle.

What’s something interesting you’ve read or pinned lately? 

Tell me about your workouts! I can live vicariously through you until I’m back.