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Birthday weekend, a race and a certification

My birthday was a fantastic entry into a new decade. I realized, once again, how fortunate I am to have such a fabulous family and wonderful friends.

Kelly and Harold sure know how to make a gal feel special. They ran all errands, cleaned the house, and bought me really awesome gifts!


I’m not a big birthday person and prefer them low key. But I knew I wanted to do something special for this one.

It just so happened there was a small local race on Saturday morning put on by our Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) location. As a bonus it turned out to be a warm morning!

Birthday race

It was a small race, only $15, and you could register race morning.

Kelly and I ran the 10k, and he ran it with me instead of speeding ahead, allowing me to set the pace! My parents walked the 5k, and my sister and her family surprised us and came out to watch and cheer us on. (Kelly’s parents are on holidays and walked 10k for me the day before!)

I haven’t run with a Garmin in months and the only time I know my pace is on the treadmill. However, I haven’t been following any schedules or tracking any activities. It’s been good! I went into this race with the same attitude and didn’t wear my Garmin or even start my watch.

The first lap was at a modest pace, so I tried to turn it on the second lap. It was two loops and there was a little turn around so I knew at the halfway mark I was fourth female with the first girl way up front.

Passing my parents!

Passing my parents with Kelly a step behind!

I was back and forth with the girl in third a couple times. I finally turned on the jets and passed the third and second place females. With 2km left, I held on pushing as hard as I could until Kelly and I crossed the line together. I ended up finishing second place female in the small local race and having a lot of fun doing it. It was such an enjoyable way to celebrate my birthday!

(Embarrassing story though- when they called the top three girls up, they didn’t call me! So I went up and thankfully the girls in third and fourth vouched that I was ahead and finished second. Awkward situation though!)

From there we went for lunch with my family before I had to get to my next engagement.

Test time

I’m going to write another post about it since I haven’t mentioned it here, but I took my practical exam for my personal training specialist certification and passed! It was the last stage of the process and I was beyond relieved when I walked out of there successful.

I was pretty wiped from running and the nerves of my exam but the day wasn’t over yet!

Party on

One of my closest friends is my birthday twin and was having a 30th birthday party. So Kelly and I got gussied up and had a blast at her ‘say goodbye to the roaring 20s party’! It was so much fun, and I was super impressed with everyone’s outfits!


I slept in on Sunday. I ate ice cream cake for breakfast (if you can’t do it on your birthday, when can you)! I stayed in my PJs most of the day and lazed around (my cardio consisted of moving from the couch to the floor to the couch again with Harold following me to each spot). I finally got dressed before going to a delicious dinner with my family.


Yup, I agree with most of your comments from my last post about turning 30. I have a feeling my thirties are going to be great! #thirtyisthenewtwenty

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Would you speak up if you placed in a race and they made an error?

Thirty & an anniversary

A huge thank you for all your positive comments on my last post about Kelly’s weight loss. I was so happy he let me share his story, and we both liked reading the responses.


Saturday is my 30th birthday. I remember when 30 was…old. It doesn’t seem that way anymore!

Entering a new decade got me thinking about past birthdays.

My parents used to throw me amazing birthday parties, and my mom always made and decorated the cake to go with the party theme.


My 1st birthday with the cookie monster and my sister!

On my 5th birthday, we flew to Disneyworld and spent time in the parks visiting our favourite characters!


Love the ’80s pants and retro Nike kicks!

I remember my 8th birthday. I got a new bike and sat on it, propped up against a wall, watching cartoons all morning while my parents and sister ran around the house preparing for my party.

Fast forward to my 16th birthday. My mom let me skip math class in the morning to take my driving test. There was a snowstorm that morning, but I passed!

On my 20th birthday, Kelly and I ran our first marathon: the inaugural Rock’n’Roll Arizona in 2004. We didn’t train well (just a couple runs over 12km!) but managed to finish hand-in-hand in 3:49:29.

RNR AZ 2004

RNR AZ 2004

Although it took us five years to run another full marathon, it was the start of something big.

On my 27th birthday we were in Florida after running the Disneyworld Marathon a couple days before.



I’m proud of where I am on my 30th birthday. I hit my stride in my 20s. I graduated from university. I moved out of home. I travelled. We got a dog son. We bought a house. I married my best friend. I found a career I enjoy. I got comfortable in my skin and gained confidence. And I have ran and biked thousands of miles.

Although I’ve been a runner for years, endurance training and racing has kept me going. I’m in better shape now than I’ve ever been (well, not right now after the holidays!). And I love and appreciate the mental and physical benefits now more than ever before.

I have a few goals for my 30s.

I want to get better- at being a good wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend; at listening to my body; at relaxing and going with the flow.

I want to stay active and challenge myself to new distances and faster times. I love running, and it has brought me an immense amount of happiness.

I hope to still be running and crossing finish lines in my next 30 years.

Have you ran a race on your birthday? Any memorable stories from past birthdays?

Struggling – weekend recap

I know many people participate in multiple Ironmans each season. I know there are pros who race multiple Iron distance events a couple weeks apart. (Just take a look at Hillary Biscay’s race results– amazing!)

I knew signing up for two Ironman events nine weeks apart would be an interesting challenge for me. I wasn’t sure if I’d get injured, how my body would recover, and if I’d mentally be ready for another one.

Well, after an Ironman you are on cloud nine.

I guess I did have fun on the bike!

I guess I did have fun on the bike!

You’re more in love with the sport than ever before. You’re proud of what you accomplished. And you have itchy fingers wanting to sign up for the next one. Luckily, we already had our next one in the books for August 25 in Whistler! I was excited to have that to look forward to and train towards!

It’s now been three weeks since IMCdA and we have six weeks to go to our next one. Technically that means three weeks of solid training and then a gradual three week taper.

I have to admit I am struggling. I took two weeks easy and wanted to hit it harder in my third week before really turning it on in the fourth. My two weeks easy turned into three when a seven-mile run nearly did me in! My pace was incredibly slow and laboured. It just didn’t feel right.

So I took the next day totally off and instead we took Harold for a walk on the gorgeous trails!

Instagram photo under Abs2727

Instagram photo under Abs2727

I’ve had two great bike rides and two pretty tough ones (and it wasn’t because I was riding hard or fast). On Saturday we set out for a 140km/87 mile ride. My legs were burning within the first 30 minutes and the entire ride was a struggle.

Normally I’d brush it off realizing people have bad days. But I became concerned about how I’m going to get ready for Whistler while balancing the extra time my body needs.

I’m trying not to worry about it since I had a great race in Coeur d’Alene. Whistler will just be the icing on the cake regardless of how I do. But of course I’d like to do well. And I know I need to listen to my body. (I guess this is why people hire coaches!)

On Sunday we woke up to rain. We went for an easy 10km run. I always say running in the rain is good for my soul, and it helped me feel much better!

There’s a supported bike ride we’re planning on participating in this coming weekend. I am scared to attempt the 185km route after my hard 140km but it will be a great way to see where I am at for the rest of training. My plans this week are to listen to my body and take an extra day or two off if I need it so I can conquer the long ride on the weekend.

On a personal note, it was my dad’s birthday this weekend and we enjoyed celebrating my cousin and his new wife at their wedding!

How do you train for events close together? Do you take the time your body needs or do you try to push through?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Happy birthday and life lessons

Today’s a special day. Harold officially turns six-years-old! Although he’s six in puppy years, according to the chart at my vet’s office he’s actually the big 4-0!


Each year on his birthday I take a photo in the same spot. It’s fun to look at how he’s changed!


On this celebratory day, he’d like to share six life lessons.

6. Stop and smell the roses.


It’s easy to get wrapped up in your never-ending to do list. Instead, slow down and enjoy the simple things. Next time you’re out on a run or walk don’t rush through it already thinking of the next thing you have to do. I’m sure you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle that next item!

5. Seek adventure.


Get out there, and do something different. Don’t wait until you have more time because you might never find that time. Whether it’s something simple like choosing to run in the rain instead of on a treadmill or spending an entire weekend exploring the mountains instead of sitting on the couch watching movies- seek adventure.


4. Find joy in everything you do. It’s easy to ‘save’ joy for special moments, vacations, celebrations and holidays. Why not find joy every day? Make the choice.


3. Learn to listen, and do it well. If you ask someone how they’re doing, listen to the answer and respond accordingly. If you sense someone is down, listen. They may not want to talk, but I bet they’ll feel better just by knowing you’re there.


2. Run like someone left the gate open.


Running is such a gift. Enjoy it!


1. Love unconditionally. Accept those you love wholeheartedly. I think animals are the only things in the world that know how to do this!


What lessons have you learned from a pet? What’s the hardest lesson to embrace?