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Cross training crazy

I’ve been trying a new thing— staying positive while injured! Last year I was sad more days than not. It wasn’t fun for anyone! (In my defense, I couldn’t do much of anything except for swim using only my arms!)

This time around I’ve been trying to switch it up and burn calories, sweat, and get that endorphin rush I love so much. (All without aggrevating my knee.)

Shovelling snow – approximately 300 calories

After one spectacularly heavy snowfall, I shoveled for 45 minutes. I was out of breath and had to stop twice for a quick break. My chest muscles were also sore for the next couple days.

Cross-country skiing – approximately 375 calories

We went to new to us groomed trails the other evening. The trails were incredible and we had a ton of fun! I can’t wait to get out there again.

Lap swimming – approximately 425 calories

We started up our gym memberships again. The last time I swam was Ironman Canada. I swam 3km on Sunday morning and then 2km before work on Monday. My arms were feeling it Monday morning!

Cycling on the trainer

This always gets a sweat going for me! I’ve been trying to test my knee and ride a bit harder lately. {Knock on wood} it’s been going ok.

Strength training and LOTS of physio exercises

I’ve been  regularly strength training for the past few months, about three times a week on average. I’m really enjoying it and would love to maintain the routine. I’ve also been diligently working on all my physio exercises.

Walking the dog

We always walk Harold, but I’m counting it as cross-training! It’s a nice way to get that fresh air I’ve been missing out on.

Practicing yoga

I’m still new to yoga, but I really enjoy it every time I practice. Some days I attend an hour-long class, but most days I do what I can out of one of our Sage Rountree books.

Visit this website for a calorie calculator for almost any exercise you can think of, including playing an instrument and house work!

What kind of cross-training have you been doing lately?

Do you have a go-to workout? Mine is for sure cycling.

Halloween & first ski

My husband loves Halloween, and decorating for Halloween.

This is a small sampling of the decor he put out!

Harold the shark isn’t impressed!

He decorated our yard, complete with scary music, and then we waited…

That’s -8 and -15 with the windchill!

I don’t remember a Halloween this cold in years. We had a few brave ones going door-to-door, but not nearly the amount I bought candy for!

We have a ton of chocolate, which is nothing but trouble for me since Kelly doesn’t eat it! I think I’ll be taking a load to work. (And then trying to stay away from it there!)

We woke up to some snow yesterday morning, and then it snowed for the majority of the day. I was kind of grumpy about it until Kelly called me and said we could probably try xc skiing.

So after work we dressed up and gave it a go. It wasn’t great since there isn’t really snowpack yet, but it was so fun to get out! We were the total Canadian stereotype and actually skied home from the fields all the way to our door.

I hope there’s lots of snow this year, as we can’t wait to ski all winter long! It’s awesome exercise and is great on the joints.

What do you do with your leftover candy/chocolate? What activity are you most looking forward to this winter?

Something’s missing

I haven’t written about running lately because I haven’t been running much at all lately.

I ran once after the Denver RnR half, took some time off, ran twice in Victoria (running by the ocean is irresistible to me!), and tried one more run at home before caving in and seeing my physiotherapist.

That’s a total of four runs in five weeks. I thought it was an old issue creeping up again, so I did all my physio moves for a few weeks to no avail.

I went to the physio on Friday and he thinks he knows what the issue is (fingers crossed). I’m working on it and have to try running again before my next appointment. I’m hoping it goes well!

I’ve been biking on the trainer but even that has bugged my knee a little this week.

We went to a wedding on Saturday and my knee was throbbing and swollen after some dancing. So I took one day totally off and then biked easy the next day.

On one hand I know I’m really lucky that this is downtime for me and I should be taking time off.

On the other hand, I simply love to run and miss it! I miss running in fall with crisp temperatures and leaves crunching. I miss running with my husband. I miss chasing my dog. I miss running to clear my head after a busy day at work.

Read Lindsay’s fabulous Thou Shalt’s post over at Cotter Crunch. (While you’re there, check out her Healthy Bites!)

At the bottom of her post there are 10 Commandments for  the Runner, and they came at the perfect time for me.

5. Honor thy muscles and thy “aches and pains” and do not push through an injury. Runners are not invincible.

I’m hoping I get this figured out. And then I hope I can hold back and stay smart training, slowly building a base to work off of for IMCdA.

Anyone else suffering running withdrawals? What’s your favourite cross-training activity?

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m looking forward to snow so I can cross-country ski and snowshoe to cross-train!