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Cross training crazy

I’ve been trying a new thing— staying positive while injured! Last year I was sad more days than not. It wasn’t fun for anyone! (In my defense, I couldn’t do much of anything except for swim using only my arms!)

This time around I’ve been trying to switch it up and burn calories, sweat, and get that endorphin rush I love so much. (All without aggrevating my knee.)

Shovelling snow – approximately 300 calories

After one spectacularly heavy snowfall, I shoveled for 45 minutes. I was out of breath and had to stop twice for a quick break. My chest muscles were also sore for the next couple days.

Cross-country skiing – approximately 375 calories

We went to new to us groomed trails the other evening. The trails were incredible and we had a ton of fun! I can’t wait to get out there again.

Lap swimming – approximately 425 calories

We started up our gym memberships again. The last time I swam was Ironman Canada. I swam 3km on Sunday morning and then 2km before work on Monday. My arms were feeling it Monday morning!

Cycling on the trainer

This always gets a sweat going for me! I’ve been trying to test my knee and ride a bit harder lately. {Knock on wood} it’s been going ok.

Strength training and LOTS of physio exercises

I’ve been  regularly strength training for the past few months, about three times a week on average. I’m really enjoying it and would love to maintain the routine. I’ve also been diligently working on all my physio exercises.

Walking the dog

We always walk Harold, but I’m counting it as cross-training! It’s a nice way to get that fresh air I’ve been missing out on.

Practicing yoga

I’m still new to yoga, but I really enjoy it every time I practice. Some days I attend an hour-long class, but most days I do what I can out of one of our Sage Rountree books.

Visit this website for a calorie calculator for almost any exercise you can think of, including playing an instrument and house work!

What kind of cross-training have you been doing lately?

Do you have a go-to workout? Mine is for sure cycling.

Another long weekend away

We spent another weekend camping in Jasper, exploring some new areas, and making great memories!

Jasper is one of our favourite places. We put in the effort to go on as many weekend getaways there as we can since we’re so fortunate to live fairly close to the majestic town.

We split our long workout days again so someone could stay with Harold. I set off for my bike on Saturday. It was pretty cold when I started, but I wore my hydration pack so I could take off some layers.

I also had my trusty bear spray by my side since I’m terrified of running into a grizzly! I’m always super nervous of wildlife, and my husband always tells me not to be. I worked myself up before the ride but was so relaxed when I was out there. Along the way I saw a coyote, many elk, deer, and bighorn sheep. I was a bit apprehensive of the elk since they have their babies now and are extra protective. Luckily they completely ignored me when I rode by!

I did the same ride my husband did last time, up Maligne Lake Road to Medicine Lake. It’s a stunning road with a lot of inclines on the way there. My ride got cut a bit short since there was a group of bighorn sheep in the middle of the road and they wouldn’t move! I didn’t want to get too close so turned around a few miles early.

I got to stop, fuel, and visit with Kelly and Harold since they came to hike by there so they could see me in case I needed anything,

I cruised on the way back down and saw so many other riders. It’s a phenomenal ride!

After I ate and cleaned up we took to the trails for an easy hike of the Valley of Five Lakes. It’s another little gem with striking blue lakes set on an idyllic mountain backdrop. (By the way, we saw a bear in the ditches on our drive to this hike!)

On Sunday Kelly was supposed to go for a long ride but came back after a couple hours and serious bike trouble. We walked into Jasper so he could buy new tires. While we were there we found a solution to one of our problems.

We work Harold too hard sometimes, exhausting him when we’re on holidays or camping weekends. When we camped last year we would take him for trail runs and half-day hikes on the same day. When we were in Oregon in September, we had to carry him back to the campsite every single day since we were always out exploring.

Harold was exhausted by the end of his second hike of the day on Saturday.

We tried a front pack (like a backpack but for a dog to sit on the front of your chest), but he’s too big. So when we were in Jasper we bought a baby jogger!! (I can admit that I’m a crazy dog lady!)

We had to test it out so took him on a run as soon as we could. Although he’s super high energy, he sat it in just fine when he was exhausted. It was hilarious and lots of tourists thought it was pretty funny, too.

Kelly was going to go for a ride the next day since he bought new tires, but a  spoke ended up breaking and he didn’t have the proper replacement. We ended up calling it a weekend and came home tired and anxiously waiting our next weekend getaway!

What adventures did you go on this weekend?

Change the pace – On the run

Even if you love running, the luster wears off sometimes. It’s an effort to get out there. You put workouts off. You cut runs short.

There are some easy, foolproof ways to be itching for your next run again!

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your run is to tackle a new route.

Jasper National Park

I don’t know about you, but I tend to run the same routes day in, day out. I know the distances, I can run them from home, and it’s mindless. They’re also boring, the views are non-existent, and I have to stop for a lot of lights.

Last week I took Harold for a hair cut…

My handsome man before...and after

While he was getting coiffed, I went for a nice run. It’s a route I rarely do. My views are of the river on one side and gorgeous character homes on the other. I don’t have to stop for traffic lights, and there aren’t many vehicles.

Ahhh…the near perfect change of pace run.

Some other ways to rejuvenate your run:

  • Run at a different time of day. If you always run in the morning, run at night and clear your head from the day.
  • Run on a different surface. Depending on where you typically run try trails, a track, the treadmill, sidewalks, grassy fields, or the beach (if you’re lucky enough to live near one).
  • Switch up who you run with. Run with a partner or group, or alone if you’re usually with people.
  • Go naked. And I’m not talking about clothing optional races, although that may be what you need to get your <ahem> mojo back. Run without a watch, GPS, or music.
  • If you don’t have many options due to time constraints or safety, run your usual route backwards.
  • Make it fun. Go fast every time you see a green car. Speed up every three lampposts.
  • Have kids (or a dog)? Take them along and let them set the pace. (Barring you can keep up. I know Harold can run way faster than me!)

Cannon Beach, Oregon

We run because we love it. Next time you’re in a slump, try one of these tips.

What do you do when you’re feeling the running blahs?