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China highlights – Hong Kong

We had the pleasure of ending our trip in Hong Kong and stayed there for five days.

It’s a vibrant, bustling city with plenty of activities to keep you busy.

It was our first time there and we adored the city. We stayed on the Kowloon side in the absolutely amazing Intercontinental hotel. Thankfully this hotel also had an awesome gym so we could run on the treadmills and use their strength equipment.


view from our room during the day

Again, we walked for hours every day and wouldn’t get back to our hotel until well after dark each night.


view from our room at night

Here are some highlights from our stay in Hong Kong:

Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

The Tian Tin Buddha on Lantau Island sits over 30 metres high and faces north to look over the people of China.


We hopped on a glass-bottomed cable car and had incredible views of Hong Kong, the airport, and the lush mountains.


You can climb nearly 300 steps to get a closer look at Buddha and the sweeping ocean views.


There is also a monastery with beautiful gardens and vegetarian food.

Hong Kong Disney

We are Disney fans and were really looking forward to escaping the city and acting like little kids.


It was magical there, just like the other Disney parks. We had a blast on the rides, at some of the shows, seeing the little girls dressed as princesses, and watching the parade and the fireworks.


Ocean Park Hong Kong

All the locals we talked to encouraged us to hit Ocean Park. I’d describe it as Seaworld with crazy rides and a picturesque location on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.


We spent a day there, and after a rocky start, loved our time at the park. I’m afraid of heights and this cable car ride nearly did me in! It was beautiful, but I was terrified the entire ride!


I wasn’t in the mood to scare myself more so opted out of the scary rides Kelly went on.I enjoyed some tame rides and a lot of animal exhibits!


What I liked best about Ocean Park was their conservation efforts and education. I would highly recommend this park.


We had a blast walking through the crowded streets and stopping to shop along the way. They had a couple fun markets: the Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market, which were both great for haggling for good bargains.


Victoria Harbour

Our hotel was right on Victoria Harbour and we had sweeping views of the skyline and the boats as they passed.


It was also a skip to the Avenue of Stars and to watch the Symphony of Lights, a nightly laser show.


We were awed by the contrast between city and urban and rural. On our way up to Big Buddha, we were surprised to see hikers underneath the cable car. On our last full day in Hong Kong, Kelly and I decided to go back and hike up.


It was an amazing, challenging hike. It was hot and humid, and the majority of the hike was up steep stairs. I was breathing heavily and mopping sweat off my forehead in no time!


We didn’t make it to the top, as there was a pack of wild dogs that I refused to pass! We still had an absolutely incredible time in the lush green hills and caught some great views.


Once of the best parts of Hong Kong was that you could do ‘big city’ attractions, or take a quick train ride and feel like you were out of the city. Their public transportation was very user-friendly and safe.

We had such a great time in Hong Kong and really enjoyed experiencing China with Kelly’s parents.

Our entire 32 days were a whirlwind of incredible sights, fascinating culture, foreign food, and fabulous memories.

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Have you ever been to Hong Kong? What’s your favourite Disney park? 

Home from the holidays

From the beaches of Thailand, to the Great Wall of China, to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, our trip was absolutely incredible.


We were gone for 32 days, stayed in seven places, went from +39 degrees Celsius (49 with humidity in Bangkok) to -15 (Great Wall of China near Beijing), ate too much food, and experienced a lot of culture!


We got back late Thursday so luckily had the weekend to do laundry, get the house in order, and catch up on sleep before heading back to work after five weeks off.

And of course, pour all our love onto this guy that we missed so much!


I’ll do a few recaps of our trip, but for now I just wanted to pop in and say hi!

I’m sure this week will be a busy one getting back into the swing of things at work and doing my best to {smartly} pick up training for Ironman Coeur d’Alene, which is now less than 14 weeks away!

What are some highlights from your life when I was away?