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Long weekend indulgences

Another long weekend in the books. Although we were stuck in the city, it was pretty fun!

I started off the weekend by meeting girlfriends for dinner and chatting the evening away.

I ate so much that Friday’s dinner fueled me for Saturday’s 25km run! I typically eat a little something before a run and take something with me in case I get hungry. But on this run I didn’t need anything.

Kelly worked, so I ran alone. I actually don’t mind running alone. I prefer to run with him, especially on longer days, but it’s always enjoyable to just do my thing.

Saturday night was the season opener for our Canadian Football League (CFL) team. We’re huge NFL fans, so sometimes the CFL is a little slow. But this year we decided to get out and support our team a few times. Our team won, too, which is always a bonus!

It was a glorious evening and fun date night! We started off with dinner at a little Italian place then headed to the game. We saw (and smelled) the mini donuts and couldn’t resist; the bucket was inhaled pretty quickly.

On Sunday, we rode a {sopping} wet 90km. I would have liked to do more, but it just wasn’t safe to be out on the highway in the driving rain. My knee started to bug me a bit towards the end since I was really pushing and riding hunched over. It didn’t help that we had to stop to fix my tire when my legs were already super cold.

I foam rolled a ton and threw in about 30 minutes of yoga for the hips and IT band from Sage Rountree’s The Athlete’s Guide To Yoga. I felt a lot better after that.

We had Monday off in lieu of Sunday being Canada Day. So I woke up early and cruised to the gym for a 3km swim. I felt pretty sluggish but just wanted to get in some distance so was happy I did. I debated going for another ride or a run but thought it’s better to let my knee rest after the weekend’s efforts.

A visit and play with the little niece and a few nice walks with the pup rounded out out the weekend.

What are your 4th of July plans? Canadians- did you do anything special to celebrate the nation’s birthday? 

Three months to go!

Saturday marks three months until race day at Ironman Canada. Yikes. I’m on the mend and have been able to get in some good rides and runs. I’m cautiously increasing my mileage, faithfully rolling my IT bands, and loving every minute of it.

However, I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be. When we signed up for the race last August, I was injured but raring to go. I thought I’d be ready and back in training with months to spare. Instead, I have six weeks of solid training behind me.

With three months until IMAZ in 2010 I had already raced an Ironman 70.3, been riding 100km+ for months, and was running 21km+ every weekend.

Meeting at the finish line

I start to get worried about my level of training and compare myself to last time but then stop myself. I’m just so happy to be training right now. I’m so happy to be feeling healthy (knock on wood).

I’ve adjusted my standards, which isn’t a bad thing. If anything it’s kind of nice. I’ll work towards getting to the race healthy and finishing it. I’ll *try* not to beat myself up if I miss a workout. I won’t have a goal of setting a personal best. I’ll go out there and have fun.

Despite being on the course for over eight hours at this point, I was having FUN!

When I registered for the race Kelly didn’t. Instead he was going to sign up to solo the Canadian Death Race. He got injured and realized that an Ironman would be better to train for than the death race since he could still bike and swim. He recovered and has been healthy for months now. (Again, knock on wood!)

We signed him up for the Ironman through the Ironman Foundation a few months later. I am so happy, as there aren’t many things I like better than spending long training days with Kelly.

Here’s to three healthy, safe, and fun months of training! I plan on enjoying every mile.

Long weekend workouts

In Canada we celebrated Victoria Day on Monday in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. In reality, most people celebrate the day off work and the first long weekend of summer!

Although we love to camp, we decided to stay in the city this weekend to avoid the crowds and the cooler weather.

Instead, we took to the roads! The hubby worked all day Saturday, so I went out for my 21km run by my lonesome. I actually love to run by myself. If I can’t run with Kelly, my second favourite way is to run alone.

I rolled my IT bands before I went and had a pain-free half marathon! It felt GREAT and is now the furthest I’ve gone in 16 months.

On Sunday we hit the road for a 100km ride.

My husband suggested a route we did a couple years ago when training for IMAZ. It goes along super quiet highways with some gentle rollers. It’s actually where I got in my only 180km ride last time. It was cold, grey, and the trees were bare when we’d ride it in 2010.

This weekend it was warm, sunny, and the trees and crops were flourishing. Kelly did some out and backs to me in the first quarter and then rode with me the rest of the way. Although it was windy most of the way home, Kelly let me draft off him. It was an ideal ride and an ideal day!

I forgot how tired I get after longer workouts than I’m used to, so the rest of the day wasn’t very productive! When we took the little beast out for his exercise, we took out the bikes.

On Monday morning we were both pretty tired so took an easy ride to the gym (yup, I used my cruiser again!) and went for a 2km swim. It felt wonderful to get in some quality distance this weekend!

It’s supposed to be cold and rainy here for most of the week so hopefully I can continue with some strong workouts.

What were some of your weekend highlights? 

Where has the time gone?

Easter came and went, another snow storm came and went, and a lot of sweat came and went.

Easter highlight:
Going against tradition and hosting a healthy Easter brunch versus eating a large Ukrainian meal. Some eats included Mama Peas’ granilla and blueberry toaster waffles.

Snow storm highlight:
Being lazy the night it snowed and not feeling guilty about it! After a treadmill run, it was movies and relaxation!

Sweating highlights:
A pain-free 12km run. This was the furthest I’ve gone since last summer!
A nice mountain bike ride outside pre snow. (There’s way too much gravel to pull out the road bike yet.)
A swim with the hubby. It was only his second swim back since November 2010!

(I do wear a helmet…I just took it off before the photo!)

I went for another hurts so good massage last night. It was so painful, but I feel so much better today. My back muscles are no longer as tense as they were, but my IT bands and quad muscle that runs in that area was excruciatingly tight.

I’m looking forward to another weekend of, hopefully, strong workouts with a little distance added on.

What was the highlight of your week?