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Ironman Canada 2013 – my journey to the start

The 2013 Ironman Canada in Whistler on Sunday, August 25 will be my fourth Ironman start line and the second of the summer.

As always, it’s been an interesting journey. I guess it started with my journey to Ironman Coeur d’Alene and then after I crossed the finish line on Sunday, June 23.


We celebrated our finish and enjoyed a week of recovery and spare time!

I struggled through the first couple weeks of July and debated numerous times whether or not I should partake in Ironman Canada.

In the end, despite my screaming legs, I decided to persevere for a few reasons: I’m stubborn, I want to test myself, these races are expensive, and I truthfully don’t know the next time I’ll sign up for an iron distance triathlon.

I had a bit more time for training once Kelly decided not to participate. I tried to focus on the bike, which is my weakest discipline. I even got in a few hill repeat sessions, which I haven’t done before.


I rode 185km in an organized Tour and was proud to have someone draft off me. (I was obviously nowhere near the front of the Tour, but it still felt good!)
My sister-in-law, who is participating in Ironman Canada for her first, came into town one weekend so Kelly joined us on a long ride through the country.
The next weekend I tackled a triple brick to test my legs. I was really happy with my bike and run paces, and remembered how lucky I am to experience the quiet mornings on the bike.fog3I continued to only run twice a week despite my love for running. But I tried to run once a week in the river valley to enjoy the softer surface of the trails and keep it fun. This inevitably led to some hilly runs, which I haven’t regularly incorporated into training in years.CivicTrailRun2My longest run was only 10 miles, but I’ll take it! The marathon of an Ironman is so mental and I didn’t want to tire my legs out even more than they have been by going on a long run (not to mention risk injury).
I’ve also continued to swim only once a week and at a comfortable pace. My legs have been thankful for the recovery swims! I swam one 4km swim to remind my arms how tired they get near the end of an Ironman swim.My left knee has started to bother me again over the last couple weeks despite keeping up with my physio exercises. KT tape is becoming a close friend again!

I definitely fell off the yoga bandwagon but tried to roll and stretch often.

My two favourite training sessions of this journey were on our trip to Jasper: my bike up Maligne Lake Road and peaceful, morning trail run.


I took extra days off when I needed them, shortened workouts when I needed to, but felt like the sessions I did have were more focused.

It has again been a journey with unique challenges. I leave for Whistler tomorrow and plan to arrive sometime on Thursday.

I hope to meet Alison, who so kindly sent me info on the area and the course.

Although it’ll be a very different experience without my favourite training and racing partner, Kelly’s sister Alicia will be in the race so I know I won’t be out there alone!

We’ll also have the support of my parents, my in-laws, Alicia’s husband, and her in-laws!

Once again, I go into this race having no idea what to expect. I know it’ll be a challenging but beautiful course, but my legs seriously tire quickly.

I want to have fun, regardless of how long the bike takes me or how exhausted I am on the run. I want to take it all in- the crowds, the other participants, and the town of Whistler.  Most importantly, I want to cross that finish line and get there with a smile on my face.

Then I’m looking forward to meeting Kelly and Harold in Jasper for five days of relaxation and lots of s’mores!


Is anyone else racing this weekend?
Do you make goals for each race?

Ironman journey – Coeur d’Alene

The Ironman journey culminates with the crossing of the finish line and hearing “You are an Ironman” along with the cheers of spectators.


The race can take up to 17 hours to complete. Believe it or not, that’s the easier part. The hardest part is getting there.

The actual Ironman journey is in the training: the long bike rides through the country, the early morning swims, and the joy of long runs.


Along with the swim/bike/run training comes the strength training, injury prevention work, proper nutrition and, when you can manage, enough sleep!

Yummy fuel

Yummy fuel

It’s the early bed times, the missed parties, and the days you go through like a zombie. It’s the snowy/windy/icy/rainy training days.

So why do people do it? Each person has their reason, whether it’s for the challenge, to test your limits, to inspire others, or to gain confidence in knowing what you can achieve with hard work. Some people do it after battling illness, losing massive amounts of weight, or going through a life change.

I’m not sure why I do it. I’ve always loved running. I love to cycle. And I love endurance sports. I can’t imagine a more fun way to spend time with my husband. And I like to challenge my myself.

CdA journey
My Ironman Coeur d’Alene journey has been an interesting one with lots of ups and a couple downs!

I arrived home from five weeks in Asia on March 14 with a few extra pounds on my body and a lack of fitness!


One of our more strenuous days!

In the 13 weeks since we’ve been home, I’ve worked hard to increase my endurance and keep healthy.

I learned to love my bike trainer, riding hours on there and setting a new personal record of 5 hours, 38 minutes. Outside rides haven’t been as plentiful. However I did get in one glorious and hilly ride in Jasper and a solo 100 miler to test my mental game.


My running mileage stayed quite low due to knee issues and then foot/ankle problems. I went from running three days a week to zero days to two days per week.


But, I ran 13 miles twice and felt strong running in the Oliver half Iron tri. I also pool ran twice and was surprised to find I enjoyed it and could work up quite a sweat. My favourite training run was definitely our family trail run in Jasper!


I practiced yoga once a week and strength trained twice nearly every week. I also foam roll like crazy and keep up my physio exercises. Massage is one of my favourite luxuries, and I’ve been going about once a month. Glorious.


I’ve only been swimming once a week. I decided to only go once instead of forcing myself a second time and despising it! My practice swims have been faster than other years, which I credit to extra strength training. My Oliver time didn’t reflect that, but I feel much stronger.

We competed in one practice race a few weekends ago, which further ignited my love for the sport.

The journey is coming to an end after a challenging few months. We leave for Coeur d’Alene on Wednesday. I can’t wait for the energy of the town, the spirit of the athletes, and the power of the spectators.

I’m excited to hopefully meet blogging friends (Page, Beth, and Emma).

And I can’t wait to race another Ironman with my husband and have family there to support us.


Ironman Arizona 2010

My goal is to have FUN, regardless of my times or pain and discomfort I’m feeling!

Why do you compete in running, triathlon, or anything else?