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IM swim and triple brick

This weekend was my last big weekend leading up to Ironman Canada. My body definitely feels it today!

We swam on Saturday morning and I got in the full distance plus a bit extra, totalling 4km. I know it’s a lot easier in a pool with clear water, lane ropes, and lines to guide you along the bottom and obviously no masses of people. I also think it can be harder with the monotonous turns and counting lengths. I swim in a 25m pool, so that’s 160 lengths or 80 laps.

Although I won’t have swam in open water basically since November 2010 (unless you count frolicking in the ocean as open water practice), I feel ok with the swim. It won’t be fast but as long as I stay on top of any panic, I know I can successfully finish it.

On Sunday I wanted to get in a ride and run. I got all my running gear, fuel, and bike gear together on Saturday night so I wouldn’t forget anything.

After a quick breakfast on Sunday I headed out for a totally new-to-me workout of a descending triple brick. I’ve seen a few variations of this on the blogosphere and knew it would be a good fit on a day I wanted to squeeze in both a decent ride and run.

I set out for a 50km bike, 35 min run, 40km bike, 30 min run, 30km bike and 25 min run. It totalled 120km of biking and just over 18km of running.

I started just after 7am in shorts and my bright jacket. By time I was finished the first ride it was warming up nicely. Each time I came home, I switched my shoes and shorts but left my top the same (a sleeveless bike top). I ran in just a sports bra for my last run though.

I was glad it was a hot day to help me bike/run tired and in the heat. IM Canada can reach hot temps (93F or 34C).

I truthfully felt ok throughout. My bike times were slower than I would have liked, but I kept my run times consistent and at a decent pace. I did this whole session by myself, so I also had to deal with a bit of the mental side and make myself keep going instead of turning around early on the bike!

Nutrition-wise I made myself drink more than normal, which was great in the heat. I also ate a combination of real food and sport/energy food. I had a bit of stomach cramping on my last run but other than that felt ok.

I think my dog suffered more than I did. He’d be so excited each time I came home and then so dejected each time I left!

If our neighbours don’t already think we’re crazy, they do now after coming and going from my house that many times for six hours.

Today I went for a light spin to get my legs moving. I hoped to swim and run tomorrow, but I think I have a nerve pinched as I can’t use or raise my left arm at all. I have a massage tomorrow night, so I might just have to take the day totally off.

I’m going to slowly decrease my training and just hope I put in enough time and miles and have the right mindset to get me through August 26.

How was your weekend? Have you been watching the Olympics? What sport has been your favourite so far?