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California dreamin’

We’ve had some crazy cold weather this winter and our snow pile is taller than me. Despite a warm forecast this week, we still have plenty of winter left!

Thankfully I have sunshine to daydream about— California sunshine to be exact.

In February we’re going to pack up our van and head south. Kelly, Harold, and I are road tripping down the Oregon and California Coast for our holiday this winter.

We’ve scoured California road trip books and websites. We’ve narrowed down some must-see stops. And we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the notorious California sunshine we hear about all winter long!

We don’t have anything set in stone and plan to just go with it, stopping where we like and exploring all that region has to offer.

We’ll have Harold with us so won’t be able to do everything. We plan to spend the majority of our time in Southern California and hope to take in a lot of outdoor activity! We may head towards the Grand Canyon and spend some time in Arizona, time permitting.

Here’s where you come in. Are you lucky enough to live there? Have you been to California and fallen in love with a specific area? Do you have the perfect running route? Do you have a dog and know of dog-friendly hikes and beaches?

Leave me a detailed comment about where we should go, what we should do, places we should eat, hikes we should take, websites we should visit, etc, etc. 

One of my girlfriends honeymooned along the coast, so I have some great recommendations but am always looking for more!