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Wednesday’s web links – IM win, cycling strong, and staying safe

Whew- I’m back to the land of the living after a horrendous flu. Over a week later, I’m still weak, tired and itching for a sweat session…hopefully tomorrow.

Since I haven’t been able to work out, I’ve been reading about it through blogs, Pinterest, and magazines!

  1. After three second place finishes in a row, Linsey Corbin took the crown at Ironman Arizona a couple weekends ago. In her race recap, she does a great job of explaining the mental side to her race. I absolutely love her and was so happy to see another win under her belt after an amazing year with a win at IM Austria this summer and another top 10 Kona finish. Watch her race video to the end…it brought tears to my eyes.
  2. I pinned a Triathlete magazine article the other day. It’s five tips to Eliminate your cycling weaknesses by training outside your comfort zone. I’ve mentioned before that nearly all my workouts are at the same pace and cadence, regardless of how long I’m riding. I think I’ll test these workouts on my trainer this off-season to push myself a little, specifically the cadence session.
  3. I found this last article through STUFT mama’s post. Running for Bling was out on a run and was assaulted. Have a read, make note of her 10 tips, and stay safe out there whether you’re running, walking the dog, or simply walking to and from your vehicle.

What’s something interesting you’ve read or pinned lately? 

Tell me about your workouts! I can live vicariously through you until I’m back.