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Working for the weekend

This was the first weekend that felt like true Ironman training. I’m tired, my legs felt trashed by the end, and I declined a fun summer evening out with friends. But I enjoyed literally every moment of it!

On Saturday morning we woke up to beautiful blue, sunny skies. The last two weekends had poor weather, so we were more than ready. It was time to get our ride on!

Stopping at a country store for more fluids.

We hit the highway, found some beautiful and quiet country roads, and enjoyed the morning. We avoided the angry dog, even though we cruised by him twice! Kelly did some out and backs but rode with me for the majority of it. I finished the day with 151km, tired legs, and a smile on my face!

I was pretty tired for the rest of the day, so relaxed in one of my favourite ways- reading in the shade with the pup!

One of my friends was having a Summer Soiree Pool Party, and it was a glorious night. I was just too lazy/lame to get ready and go out, knowing I’d be exhausted the whole time I was there. And, I have a serious shorts tan that would look hilarious in a bathing suit!

Instead we had a wonderful evening at home cleaning our bikes, eating a wholesome dinner, and taking the pup out for a bike ride/run on my cruiser.

Sunday morning came pretty quickly and we were off and running. I finished the day with 22km and no knee pain! I was a little worried after a big ride the day before. My exercises, rolling, and massage seem to really be helping!

Last week I really felt like I hit a good spot in my training. I had some great runs, swam my fastest 2km ever, and had a strong bike. I’m looking forward to another week to see where I’m at after a tough weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Do you turn down social events because of training?