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Knock on wood…

I’ve been feeling really good lately. My knee hasn’t been bugging me nearly as much. I’ve been able to get in some quality workouts. I’ve been struggling cardiovascular-wise, which I’m taking as a positive (it means I’m getting back into shape)!

I’m always scared to admit these things though. If someone asks me how a workout was, or how my injury is coming along, I try not to say good. I’m terrified that as soon as I admit it, everything will backfire again!

I’ve taken to saying “knock on wood”, while knocking on my head or wood product, if I say something positive about how I’m feeling. Or, I don’t say anything at all and give a thumbs up or hang loose sign.

I realize these things won’t prevent pain and injury, but it sure makes me feel better!

This past weekend I was able to do a “long run” and longer bike back-to-back. It’s an improvement since the weekend before I couldn’t do the longer bike the day after my run.

On Monday, I had a glorious ride outside, and on my road bike! It was a beautiful day, and I rode in shorts and a cycling shirt. Exciting!

Tuesday was a run with my hubby and strength. Wednesday a morning swim. I was going to bike after work and start some two-a-day training, but I just didn’t have it in me. And I wanted a good run today, which is to be determined.

Do you have any weird superstitions? What was your workout today?

In the water they can’t see you cry – a book review

I first read about Amanda Beard’s memoir, In the water they can’t see you cry, on Chrissie Wellington’s Twitter account on April 4. If Chrissie was impressed with an excerpt from the book, I knew I’d be blown out of the water.

Beard, an American Olympic swimmer and model,  wrote a candid memoir about her innocent love for swimming, the fame she found from her successes, and her struggles within.


I read the book from start to finish within four hours. I literally couldn’t tear myself away.

Beard had a quick rise to fame at the age of 14 when she surprised herself by earning a spot on the Atlanta Olympic team and winning a gold medal and two silvers. She went on to win a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics and a gold and two silver medals in Athens. She also competed in the Beijing Olympics.

Due to body image issues and relationship problems with her then boyfriend, she began to cut herself while in university. She continued cutting herself until she cut too deep once. She found help from her husband (Who she was dating at the time), and therapy and medication.

Beard is now happily married with a son.

The memoir is incredibly brave; Beard talks about many taboo topics, including body image, mental health issues and drug abuse. I think that when high-profile athletes talk about their struggles it makes it easier for ‘regular’ people to feel ok about their similar struggles. It helps people know there is hope for them, too.

The story is unbelievably inspiring. Beard is a phenomenal athlete, and role model. Her talent is incredible. At the age of 30 she is preparing to compete in the Olympic trials in June, potentially qualifying for her fifth Olympics in London.

I know I’ll be cheering for her, not only because of her talents but because of what she has overcome to be the happy and successful woman she is today.