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Four week itch

Numbers have been assigned,  my longest workouts are finished, and we’re less than four weeks out from IMCdA.  I had a minor panic at the thought of it.


Thankfully, my husband broke it down for me.

  • I did a 4km swim the other weekend, so I know I’ve got it (barring no serious issues or hypothermia).
  • Although I won’t get in a 180km ride before this race, I biked 160km by myself this training cycle and I’ve ridden 180 a handful of times before.
  • My furthest run will be 13 miles, but before IM Canada last year my longest run was only 15 miles.
  • If my knee(s) bum out, the worst that happens is I have to walk and have a lot of fun cheering for other people!
  • Most importantly, we do it for FUN!

I think nerves are something I will always have to deal with, regardless how prepared I am and how often I’ve participated in a distance. I ran track years ago and would get extremely nervous every single time, whether it was a small or big race and no matter how well I had trained.

I remember sitting on the grass about 20 minutes before Ironman Canada started last year wondering why I signed up for it. But during the event, I loved it!


Like always, my nerves are already kicking in along with doubts. I’ll just keep training, look at our race photos from previous events (to remind me how much I love it), and try to break down what makes me most fearful.

If it’s something I can’t control like water temperature, winds on the bike, rain, and other people on the swim and bike, I shouldn’t waste my energy worrying. (All part of my anxiety!)

Hopefully that will help me stay calm and get me to the start line with a smile!

Do you get nervous before a race? What keeps you calm?

Thoughts from my first long ride outside

My long rides are generally relegated to weekends. Due to weekend plans, we had to ride long on Thursday instead.

Kelly skipped his hill training to come with me, so I hoped my legs would show up! After a tough weekend of workouts and consecutive training since Saturday, I wasn’t sure they’d be up to the challenge. Throw in strong winds, a poor sleep the night before, and a full day of work and the test was on!

First five minutes: Cycling outside is incredible! I love the sun on my face, the breeze in my helmet vents, and the scenery!

Within 20 minutes, heading into the wind: This isn’t so bad. At least I’m outside!

After 40 minutes of riding into the wind: If another big truck flies by me, the wind suck from it is going to topple me over. Hopefully I fall into the ditch instead of the highway. I can’t believe how fast Kelly can ride. I wonder if I’ll ever be nearly as strong?!

After 60 minutes of riding into the wind: I love biking. I love biking. I love biking.

Ninety minutes in, after finally turning out of the wind: I really do love to bike! I feel like I could go all night! I can’t believe how warm it is.


Two hours, after a turn back into the wind: Will Kelly be disappointed if I tell him we need to turn? My legs are cement blocks. I don’t know how I can keep riding and then make it back home.

Two and a half hours later, after the turnaround point: Look at that gorgeous deer! The fields are stunning! Aww- sheep and llamas! Riding long in the evening is great! The roads are quiet, and the sky looks incredible.

Three hour mark, back into the wind: Seriously, how are we going to make it home before the sun sets? What was I thinking riding this long when my legs are this tired? AHHH- DOGS FURIOUSLY BARKING AND STARTING TO CHASE. Come on legs- GO! Thank goodness Kelly’s with me!

Rest of the ride home: Woohoo! First long ride outside- finished! I can’t wait to get out every weekend!

The moral of the story is that training isn’t always sunshine. It isn’t always easy. I struggled throughout, but luckily there were easy, beautiful, and fun moments in there.

Training is supposed to be tough sometimes! And those hard sessions sure do make you appreciate the easier ones. Thankfully I have an encouraging training buddy to keep me going, block the wind when I’m desperate, make me laugh when I get grumpy, and share his liquid when I run out.


Tell me your thought process during workouts. What makes you continue?

Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it!

Working for the weekend

This was the first weekend that felt like true Ironman training. I’m tired, my legs felt trashed by the end, and I declined a fun summer evening out with friends. But I enjoyed literally every moment of it!

On Saturday morning we woke up to beautiful blue, sunny skies. The last two weekends had poor weather, so we were more than ready. It was time to get our ride on!

Stopping at a country store for more fluids.

We hit the highway, found some beautiful and quiet country roads, and enjoyed the morning. We avoided the angry dog, even though we cruised by him twice! Kelly did some out and backs but rode with me for the majority of it. I finished the day with 151km, tired legs, and a smile on my face!

I was pretty tired for the rest of the day, so relaxed in one of my favourite ways- reading in the shade with the pup!

One of my friends was having a Summer Soiree Pool Party, and it was a glorious night. I was just too lazy/lame to get ready and go out, knowing I’d be exhausted the whole time I was there. And, I have a serious shorts tan that would look hilarious in a bathing suit!

Instead we had a wonderful evening at home cleaning our bikes, eating a wholesome dinner, and taking the pup out for a bike ride/run on my cruiser.

Sunday morning came pretty quickly and we were off and running. I finished the day with 22km and no knee pain! I was a little worried after a big ride the day before. My exercises, rolling, and massage seem to really be helping!

Last week I really felt like I hit a good spot in my training. I had some great runs, swam my fastest 2km ever, and had a strong bike. I’m looking forward to another week to see where I’m at after a tough weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Do you turn down social events because of training?