Wednesday’s web links

In spirit of the Olympics, these links focus on the three female American marathoners.

Photo from Shalane’s Facebook (

  1. Goucher runs past doubts, by Jim Souhan, Star Tribune
    My fave quote: Most athletes hide their doubts beneath a veneer of confidence, if not arrogance. Goucher worries and vents.
  2. Win or die trying, by Aimee Berg, Outside Online
    Fave quote: But Flanagan is a competitive assassin who will redline it when stakes are highest.
  3. Olympics bound runner Desiree Davila struggles with injury, by Kristin Bull and Judy Davids, Rochester Hills Patch
    My heart breaks when I read this. I really hope her hip is ok when she runs on the hard surface.

What are some good, interesting, or motivating articles you’ve read lately?

13 responses to “Wednesday’s web links

  1. Such things to bookmark when you have a bad day!

    I just read a Men’s Fitness article on the ultramarathoner who ran around the world – amazeballs. There are some remarkable people in this world!

  2. Did you hear about the Sudanese runner who can’t represent South Sudan and was given permission by the IOC to run as an independent? Amazing….

  3. Found this one today about Gwen Jorgenson of the US Olympic Triathlon team – she was formerly a Big 4 accountant (like I was) who turned pro. I guess there is still hope for me then!? hah!

  4. Women’s Running has had some inspiring Olympic based articles that I really liked and motivated me! Watching all the Olympians walking through the opening ceremonies will definitely getting me going for this weekend’s tri!

  5. I don’t have a specific article to point to, but I’m super excited for the Olympics to start. I LOVE all the inspirational stories of the athletes. So motivating!

  6. Great links thanks for sharing. Watched a great film called ‘Marathon Boy’. It tells the story of a young Indian boy who starts running marathons form the age of 4. He grows up in the slums and it tells of his miraculous journey. Definitely try get your hands on it! Here is the link.

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