Edit: I woke up this morning to the updates from Boston. I’m thinking of everyone, especially the police officers, in Watertown and Boston searching for  the second suspect.

The season may have actually changed to spring! We’ve had our first week of above zero temperatures. Our snow is melting. And I went for my first outside ride of the season yesterday! It was pretty cold and windy but so worth it!

I’m using my cyclocross bike for now since there is a ton of gravel on the roads.
(Edited to say there’s snow/rain mix in the forecast for the weekend! Hopefully it’ll disappear as quickly as it comes! Back to the trainer…)

I finally chopped my hair.


I loved it long since I could put it in a ponytail and not one piece would fall out when I ran or biked. But, I had short hair envy for a couple years. The short hair definitely wins for swimming! I just have a little bump under my swim cap now instead of a big mound.

I got a new road bike!


It’s a Giant Avail Advanced SL1. Here’s what their website says about it: “The all-new Avail Advanced SL is engineered for the ultimate ride. Designed with Liv/giant’s 3F philosophy, it’s the most advanced composite bike built specifically for women.

The coolest part is the Di2 electronic shifting technology. And, I think it’s really pretty! (That’s just as important as all the other stuff…)

I can’t wait to take it out on the roads!

Lastly, Kelly and I went for a nice run together a couple days ago! My ankle/heel/foot is doing better. I still haven’t gone past five miles and am hesitant to try. But, I’m running a little and that’s what matters! {Knock on wood so I can keep it up!}

Since I haven’t been running much and Kelly’s pretty focussed on biking, we hadn’t ran together in quite a while. It was so great to just run, together, with no Garmin, and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s been a tough week. Happy Friday!

What are some changes in your world? 

33 responses to “Changes—

  1. I love your hair!!!! Seriously. It looks amazing!

  2. You look great, I love your new hair!

  3. I love your hair!!! thats a super cute cut! hopefully the fbi captures the bomber soon, the city is on lock down until they do.

  4. Cute hair!!!!! So cute!!!! I love your new bike. What prompted a new bike?
    I just read about about the man-hunt!! I hope they find him soon!

    • I rode my Madone for a few years and we thought we could still sell it for a decent price this year versus waiting until next. And my husband LOVES bikes and always wants new ones, whether they’re for himself or for me!

  5. triathlonobsession

    Nice cut! Glad to hear your foot is doing better. Mine is too! 🙂

  6. Love the new hair!! STUNNING!

  7. Your hair is ADORABLE! I love that cut!

  8. Yay for running! I hope it continues to go well. Your hair cut is great! You have such nice hair. Also love your new bike. I ride a Giant too! 🙂

  9. The hair looks great! I think I will be cutting my hair post wedding – it’s been long for a very long time and it’s time for a change!

    Congrats on the new bike too!

  10. OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR HAIR!! That’s like a Pinterest pin right there. You look stunning. The curls are beautiful. wow, wow, wow.

  11. new hair and road bike!?!! now thats my kind of change!

  12. Just found your blog- very cute. LOVE the hair and I’m not going to even show my husband that bike because he will need to go get it!

  13. Wow love the new hair!! I’m way too scared to cut mine right now. I don’t really feel like I have any major changes in my life recently- although I did just get a new pair of sneakers!

  14. Your hair is ADORABLE!! I love it! Seriously you have a great face for short hair!! YAY for running with Kelly!! My distance has been shorter these days too with 6miles being my furthest in a couple months thanks to a wonky knee, but it’s still a run right!

  15. runnerbydefault

    I am glad to hear that you are running again!! I hope your ankle keeps getting better and better. I love your hair!! So cute. I have such hair envy now. Makes me want to get my hair cut!!

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  17. LOVE your hair! LOVE your bike! And I’m glad to hear you are feeling better!

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