Rest and relaxation before the holidays

A couple weeks ago we took time off work and headed to the mountains for 10 wonderful days.

I wanted to relax and sleep as much as possible while getting in some good workouts, and Kelly wanted to have fun in the mountains!

We both got our wishes. We woke up on our first morning to tons of snow so busted out the cross-country skis for the first time this season.


Kelly leashed Harold to his belt and we had a blast skiing for an hour and a half, and laughing at Harold running like a puppy through the snow!


Sadly, all the snow melted by that night.

The bright side was that the trails were clear so I got in nice runs on the trails the next two days (also the first time I’ve ran two days in a row in months)!


Meanwhile, Kelly went deeper into the mountains and got to enjoy non-pregnancy approved activities like downhill skiing and ice-climbing.


It ended up snowing again, so we got out to xc ski one more time. It was a bluebird sky, temperatures were mild, and it felt so good to exercise in the fresh, mountain air.


The R&R was just what I needed before the busy holiday season!

reading material

reading material

What’s your favourite winter activity?

I must admit I was envious the days Kelly went downhill skiing, but ice climbing scares me 🙂 Cross country skiing definitely tops my list.

18 responses to “Rest and relaxation before the holidays

  1. Amazing pictures, where is this?! We always take our little dog with us when we run and I can imagine she would love this too. Let’s hope it starts snowing in Holland soon too!

  2. So, so beautiful. And 10 days away sounds wonderful! I love x-country skiing–looks like a spectacular place to do it.

  3. Aw, Harold looks SO happy to be out and about with you guys!

  4. My winter activity would be sitting by the fire reading – I hate cold!!!
    However, I think that if I could stay warm I might actually like cross country skiing!!!

  5. I LOVE to snow shoe, but we haven’t had enough snow this winter for that to happen. We currently have none on the ground and none in the foreseeable future. I’d love to try cross country skiing, but that too requires snow. I guess I’ll have to continue to wait for the white stuff to fly 😉

  6. What a blast, I just love you two and your adventures together. This is the perfect getaway before the baby comes too. Not that you guys will have to stop with a little one, but you know what I mean! 🙂

  7. Great vacation! Exciting that it snowed while you were there and could get out & play in it!!!
    I don’t really like winter so I don’t have any favorite winter activities. I guess running would work because I still run in the rain!! I did today and it really wasn’t that bad!! 🙂

  8. I love how you guys are always so active even in the freezing weather! This trip sounds wonderful ! 🙂

  9. Sounds like a great 10 days. If you like Mark Beaumont’s book, you will LOVE the book ‘Cycling Home from Siberia;’ Pat’s read both and said the latter was far better. He felt Mark Beaumont’s journey was very rushed.

    • Thanks for the book suggestion! I’ll definitely look it up. I would have to agree with Pat. It was way too rushed. I know he was going for a world record, but it’s a shame he didn’t explore some of the places he cycled through even a little!

  10. I can’t believe you were able to get out there and xc ski in the morning and by that evening the snow was gone! Crazy! I absolutely love how happy Harold looks – totally his element. What kind of animals are those in the background (the picture below the ice picture)? I see Outside Magazine in your reading material pile. We subscribe too. ☺

    My favorite winter activity would definitely have to be xc skiing. I am trying to get good at skate skiing this year to build endurance over the winter months!

    • I normally love warmer weather, but I was sad when it warmed up; I didn’t want the snow to melt 🙂
      They’re big horn sheep. They run that town!
      You’ll have to let me know how you like skate skiing! I’ve debated getting a pair for a few years, but I like that you can xc ski at a relaxed pace.
      You guys should come up here one year and we can ski together!

  11. I would love to try cross country skiing someday! I also want to go snow-shoeing someday too. Sounds like a great winter getaway. I guess my fave winter activity is skiing, even though it’s been a few years (we don’t really have “winter” so much here in Texas). But wow, ice climbing, that’s hard core!

  12. Gorgeous shots!
    Any of those could be your holiday card : )

    I hope to get cross country skiing this year!

  13. I never tried cross country skiing, but I am pretty sure I’d enjoy it. I love going on hikes in the snow with snowshoes 🙂

  14. So beautiful and peaceful! Glad you were able to enjoy some r+r before the holidays 🙂 Nick got out today for his first xc ski of the season (on manmade snow) – and, it was sleeting! Hard to believe, but we have zero snow here! As much as I’d like a little bit, it sure beats last year’s polar vortex!

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